Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bunk House Decorating Revisted

Ahoy Pirates,

I decided it was time to revisit Bunk houses. Bunk houses are like first living quarters you receive in Pirate101. You can decorate your bunk house or use it simply for storage items. I have talking about bunk houses a few times throughout the year. Here are some of the topics to refresh your memory;  Bunk House Decorating and Advanced Bunk House Decorating .

Using the basics of floating you are able to sink items into walls , this gives that extra space for detail decorating. I always say it is those small details that make or break any decorating. I started sinking these rock formations into the bunk house walls, ending up with this very nice Bison village.

 A few months ago I show all my readers how to make rail tracks on this topic. I decided to see if I could go a bit further and make a train station inside a bunk house. I used the steam machine to create the train feel and the bank teller for the station. I hope everyone enjoyed this Bunk Houses Revisited.


  1. Will there be a house showcase today also?

  2. OK :) those showcases are my favorite part of your website- can't wait to see mine up :)


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