Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Game Updates are Live!! with a New House!!

Greetings Wizards,

As we all know by now test realm has gone live! Update notes Here. What we did not know are the amazing surprises Kingsisle gave us. A new red barn house and Avalon Furniture packs! So that gives us Two new houses and 6 new furniture packs! Can you tell this Wizard is ecstatic?
The new Red Barn house is huge with large open places for all your gardening needs. There is even a tornado don't worry though, it will not harm you pets or plants. This house is sold in crowned shop for 12500 crowns or 125,000 Gold which is a steal is you ask me! Item space is 250/250.
The inside of this house is 3 stories high, 10 rooms and 3 landings.  Barn has places for horses egg pets or any type of animal you wish. The silo is a little room that looks over your land.  I cannot wait to start decorating this house, can you?

Besides the Azteca furniture packs we saw in test Kingsisle surprised us with Avalon furniture packs too! I took some picture of the pieces I got. I am so excited for the interactive and animated pieces , they give so much life to our Wizard101 houses. Until next time Happy house Decorating!


  1. WOW! Beautiful house! Can't wait to save up and buy it!!! You should host a giveaway...

  2. I can't wait until I get enough gold for the barn house! Only about 33,000 more to go :D! As for the furniture packs, I love the furniture, especially the Azteca ones, but does anyone else think they are a little overpriced? I think 2000-2500 would be a bit more reasonable. Still, I'm definitely getting all the Azteca ones for my Pyramid of the Lost Horizon, and eventually probably the Avalon ones too :). The hair styles are awesome, although I wish they had a longer one (specifically the longest girl hair choice when you create a character), so hopefully they will come out with more soon. Anyway, this was definitely a great update :D
    ~Iridian Stormwhisper
    PS. When I do get a barn house and finish decorating it, I would love for you to showcase it, Paige (**HINT - HINT**)

  3. Aaron TitanCasterApril 24, 2013 at 7:46 PM

    Did you see the silo area? I gonna put my bed there. :D

    1. Yup been up there. though unable to put anything in the room.

  4. Hey, Paige, quick housing question. I just crafted the new Wyrd house in the live game, and I'm planning on decorating it. I'm interested in the Avalon furniture packs, but I feel that the furniture there is pretty fancy for the hut-type houses in the Wyrd house. Can I use other elements to make them fit, or should I pursue other furniture?

    1. You can change the wall paper if you would like to use the Avalon furniture. Or the Az furniture really fits is well. For the moving house itself I am going with a more torned down look.


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