Friday, April 26, 2013

Housing Showcase-Marissa MoonCloud

 Marissa MoonCloud's is a regal place for her pets. Everywhere I travel through Marissa's house I met your collection of pets. From spiders to a hold group who wanted to play.  Marissa even had a place for her dragons in the dungeon.
Marissa's favorite room is her statue room. I have to agree is was very nice and laid out a place for each statue. I think my favorite spot is the sitting area next to the fire places in dining hall, simply looks like a place I could sit for hours relaxing at. Thank you Marissa for the wonderful tour.


  1. Good job, Maddie. Thank you, Paige.

  2. This house looks so neat and well organized, great job Marissa :D I like the fun garden the most, seems that you and your friends have great time at that place :D
    Awesome work, congrats :D
    Llewella Life


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