Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Housing Showcase-Victoria Iceshard

Victoria Iceshard's  Is simply paradise waiting on a volcano. Victoria's Pyramid House had so many beautiful views Simple a classy place for any wizard to relax. Although I do believe Victoria tried to cook me at one point in time during the tour. I haven't gotten over that just yet. ;)
Victoria's favorite room was her excellent restaurant. I can see many a wizard dining here. I think my favorite room was what she called her dressing /bathroom? Though I think it was more the relaxing cool water after visiting her volcano. Thank you Victoria for the fun tour. 


  1. :D and that's my house! Hope everybody likes it.
    And for the record................I DID NOT TRY TO COOK PAIGE! Don't believe the, um, rather incriminating evidence in the slideshow ;). So what, if I did put her in, you know, a volcano with a small amount of lava?
    ~Victoria Iceshard


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