Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pirate101- In game Pieces as Furniture.Plus Twitter Q&A

Ahoy Pirates,
I was doing a bit of Q&A on twitter today on different things one being ; If you could have one thing you saw in game made into a housing furniture, What would it be? 
Well I am unsure if I could pick just one item, so I made a slideshow of things I would like. 
Here are some of the pieces players would like;

Life fountain- 

A walking zombie

Stormzilla Statue

The clockwork birds that the armada put everywhere. And wind-stone display cases would be cool, too.

Although I have never seen one in game One reply was for a pack mule

There are a couple of nice statues & what look like Polaris paintings in the Frogfather's office. (Not the frog head though)

A little Mooshu Falcon mini-statue would make a nice quest reward.

Next question: Which class do ye Pirates find to be the hardest to play? Why?
My answer is; Privateer/ Buccaneer is the hardest ones I am finding (more support) Bucc easier of the 2, Swash was my easiest. 

Patrick says: Swashbucklers, in long battles at low levels there's nearly no way to heal.

Anthony says: buccaneer, its supportive

Charles says: swashbuckler is hardest ._. Easiest to me is witch doctor.

Blaze says:  Privateer, a lot of the powers are useless with my play style.

Jose says: Privateer, cause I die easily being it :D

Morgrim says : Buccaneer. The lack of many companions make questing difficult in earlier stages

Starsong says: I have the most trouble with the melee-primary ones, Buccaneer & Swashbuckler. Companions die too quickly somehow.

Next Question: 
Which is your favorite companion and why?
My answer is; I guess it would depend on the Pirate class I am using. Bonnie Anne is my favorite for looks and scatter attack, although Mormo the Witch doctor companion is really unique and pretty powerful.

Anthony says: bones mcgee, he looks cool and when he gets hit he check if his head is still there and its kinda funny xD

Patrick says: Obvious answer: the bull guy from CR (Haven't played in so long i forgot his name lol). His boost + dmg is useful.

Ian says: the crazy monquistan you get as a swash at the end of gortez :P

Duncan says: . El Toro definitely! Theme sounds when he critical, and animations along with it.

Jose says: Subodai! He is my very first companion and very helpful with vengeance strike :D

Hope you enjoyed this Q&A segment. What are you favorites or wants ingame?

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