Monday, April 29, 2013

Susan the Kitty's Dorm!

Meow Wizards,
 Ditto P Monster has a new kitty and her name is Susan. Susan saw me ask about dorm rooms and decided to decorate her very own dorm with all her favorite things, such as; a box to get in , what kitty does not like playing in boxes?  balls of yarn to play, and a fast place to go to bazaar to meet all the friendly Wizards.
Susan has two friends in her dorm I named them Spot and flame though I think she will tell me their names when She sees this. I see some ice cream on the floor but I am wondering if She sneaked that in so Ditto didn't see it. After all Kitties should never have Ice Cream. Thank you Susan and Ditto for showing me your fantastic dorm made for a kitty. Here is a image of Susan decorating.

1 comment:

  1. My little cousin is obsessed with Susan and Ditto's Cat videos. She says she wants to play with Susan lol XD


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