Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Wizard101 Test Realm - Housing plus

Test realm is back to Wizard101 with up dates from PvP to my all time favorite Housing!. First up lets talk about the new Avalon house Wyrd house. This house looks just like the bog witches house in the Lake Shore. Avalon. You can pick this house up at the housing vendor in Avalon for 60000 for the recipe.

This house has to nice size rooms one in each of the buildings and a very nice yard for gardening or anything else you would like. I simply love the design of this house. If you like a smaller house this is the house for you. 

Three New Furniture Sets Available!
With new interactive items

New Hair Styles!
You can actually stitch stats into these new hair styles!

This test realm has much more to offer!!! to find out about all these new updates Check out 

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