Friday, May 31, 2013

Picture Pets- Pet-a-Palooza Contest!

Boomer was a special gift from an wonderful person. Boomer is my favorite pet, He lives in my WUS house "Wizard University of the Spiral". Boomer likes the library this is where he can sit and read,  have some tea and visit with all the nice young Wizards who come to visit him.
This Contest is now closed Winners will be posted Monday 17th before 6pm Central. In a new topic.
Picture Pets
Frame your Pet contest From June 1, 2013 - June 16, 2013. Take a picture of you and your favorite pet. Frame it how ever you choose .You may use If you like they have some really nice frames or make one yourself.

How to Enter:

* Take a screenshot of your Wizard and your favorite Wizard101 pet.
* This contest begins June 1, 2013 and ends June 16, 2013 at 6pm (Wizard101) Central time. 
* Frame your screenshot however you choose.
* Sign your in game name and pets name to your framed picture with the date. (Any entry without your Wizards name and pets name with date will be Disqualified)
*Write a paragraph about your favorite pet. Why is this pet your favorite?
*Send your framed picture to with title "Picture Pets."
*Take your time you have until June 16,2013. 
*Make sure everything is correct before sending in entry.
* Codes are one time use, and may only be used one per account. For Kingsisle version of Wizard101 game.

If you are under the age of 13 please have your parents or guardians permission.

Good luck everyone!!

1 Grand Prize Winner!!
15,000 crowns + One Pet Related Code

2 Second Place Winners!!
10,000 crowns + One Pet Related Code

3 Third place winners!!
5,000 crowns + One Pet Related Code

15 runner up!!
5,000 crowns

10 Random draws(valid enteries only)
One of these random prizes
10,000 crowns
5,000 crowns
One Related Pet Code

Each Pet Related Code will guarantee:

* One Mega Snack Pack 

* One Hatching Elixir

* One Energy Elixir for training your pet

* One Random Pet from the list below

Spider Golem


Ice Salamander

Black Cat

Lucky Leprechaun

Storm Beetle

Death Scarab

Summer Dragon

Fog Unicorn

Ice Elf

Dark Crow

Myth Leprechaun


Snake in a Basket

Fierce Hound

Thursday, May 30, 2013

New Bundles! From GameStop and Walmart

Olympian Bundle Available at GameStop!
Who doesn't want to be an Olympian? Now with this new bundle from Gamestop you can be! This bundle comes with; Your very own Acropolis Palace, full gear up to level 90, two player chariot mount and a Trojan horse pet.

Let me talk about this house for a moment, this house has so many great feature from the Oracle giving you a daily dose of wisdom to a giant maze! Oh, and did I tell you if you find your way to the end you're able to get a daily prize. Check out Wizard101 Olympian Bundle to see all the amazing features.
Two new bundles from Walmart!
Winterbane Gauntlet comes with; the Gauntlet and wow is it a good one. Check out this guide Here to see the level 90. A war boar,  gear up to level 90 and this adorable Polar Bear.
Atlantean Bundle comes with ; a two player pygmy whale mount, gear up to level 90, a beta fish and a magic fish bowl that you can go inside to swim around and receive a daily prize! Just amazing Kingsisle these are some fantastic bundles!!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Marleybone and Aquila Live!!! NEW Crowned Items!!

We all know about the 2 amazing new worlds Marleybone and Aquila Update Notes can be found HERE. What I want to talk about is the new crowned shop items! Check out my new Bike mount. This mount is a steal at 5000 crowns, it even does tricks!
 If you don't think the bike is your style why not try the Hammerhead Shark ? Crowned shop even has 2 new pets a crokagator for 1500 crowns or a Cutie Chameleon for 1250 crowns or 9375 Gold! So much new items even level 50 gear!!

Frame your Garden winners!!

Congratulations Winners!!!
There we so many awesome entries and judges scared each entry from 1-10 based on these requirements.
* Take a screenshot of your garden and frame it how ever you like.
* Sign your in game name to your framed picture with the date.
* Write a paragraph about your garden

Here are your top 5!!!
Red Barn Farm House (with Additional Castle Elixir)
1 code for 10 random seeds PLUS three Moolinda Wu’s Packs

Midnight Garden
Tiffany StrongStone
This is my Midnight Ghost Garden located at my Marleybone Royal Estate. All the plants that I have planted here have turned into a permanent ghostly elder. They shall remain this way until a new gardening level is introduced. These plants here are predominantly Key Limes and they are known for their high EXP levels. Unfortunately, due to the inactivity here in this garden, it has attracted some mysterious other worldly creatures. Ghosts, bats and all things spooky have taken refuge here and seem to be attracted to my elder plants. I am a Legendary Gardener and am hoping for a new gardening level soon so that I can get rid of these spooky squatters once and for all.

Vanessa Dreamfinder
Vanessa Dreamfinder enjoys a stroll in her Mooshu style summer garden after a days work in the spiral. She has planted corn, cabbage, carrots, summer squash, lettuce, tomatoes and a variety of herbs. This makes it easy for her to made a healthy summer salad or a great veg soup. She also has a few chickens so she has fresh eggs to go along with it. Yummy, I think it is time for lunch now. ENJOY!!!

Little piece of Heaven

Welcome to my little piece of Heaven. Where the trickling sound of the water fall just carries you away. And there is nothing better then the fresh smells after a light rain, like the smell of rich dirt after digging to plant a new seed, Or the fragrance of the honey sickle trees, its one you will never forget. But the best is the smell of the cornbread tree after a day in the warm sun, just like cornbread fresh from the oven. MMMMMM. This is my favorite place to be when the day is done. So come grab a hot cup of tea sit back relax, close  your eyes and enjoy all the sounds and smells in My little piece of Heaven.

This garden design is about when spring has arrived. When all the flowers have bloomed like the cherry blossoms and the elephant ears. The unicorns have also come out to see spring arrived and they see the flowers bloom, and they dance and gallop with joy.

Ringing in Spring
Sydney Storm
The Red Bell Pepper rang in the arrival of spring.  This brought forth the Tiger Lilies and Laugh-O-Dils which danced and swayed in the sun's 
warmth.  The joy the plants felt at the arrival of spring soon attracted some magical pixies who joined in the fun.  This is my happy little garden.

10 runner ups!!
1 code for 10 random seeds PLUS three Moolinda Wu’s Packs
Amber Firesword
Tasha Sparkleheart 
Brecken Stormbane
Cody Raventhorn
James DragonCatcher
Alyssa WaterGem
Chris Shadowmancer
Blaze MistShard
Kiley Nightwalker

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Wizard101 Test Realm Opens

Playable Musical Instruments
Right now Wizard101 is starting off with 4 pieces; Drums, Piano, Lead Guitar and Bass Guitar.
With these new Playable Musical Instruments you can:Play preset music loopsSync up preset music between all your instrumentsCompose your own music (up to 700 notes!)Sync up your own music with other people who are playing the instruments in a house!Instruments come with 8 preset loops.Loop 8 for both the Toy Piano and the Lead Guitar is the Wizard City themeFriends can compose music at your house

 PvP Tournaments
PvP Tournaments are set by your computer times. This is a nicely done added feature.

To read more about this test realms updates Check out Test Realm Update Notes

Friday, May 17, 2013

Mini update

Wizard101 Updates

Frostfang Tiger and Sabertooth Tiger are now in crowned shop!

My Red Barn House garden are mostly Second Springed now.
You may also see this house with commentary  at Wizard Weekly

Pirate101 Updates

New Outfits for both my Swashbuckler and Witchdoctor when test goes live. I also hear that the dungeons have been made easier

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Avast! Me Mateys! There be Bunk house Themed Winners!!!


We had some amazing entries. The judges decided that the tie breakers would be on how your companion fit in the bunkhouse.
Week one winners!
First Place
Two Faced Anne
He and his family have an amazing country home in Cool Ranch but the back yard, well that just screams Roster Cogburn's personal getaway. Roster likes this hay thrown haven because he can setback and throw down a bottle or two of good old 'Yum' after a hard days work. The lavender shrubs provided him a wonderful aroma, a nice change after a day of smelling the dusty trails. All-n-all it just an amazing place for a roster to relax!

I ask him about the pots in the left corner of the picture and Roster told me they were a gift from Cloud Rider over in Bison Village for running in a pesky little thief. Think I might have to visit Cloud Rider a pick up a few for myself. 

Second Place

My favorite companion by far is: KAN PO! ( as you may see we are practically twins XD). That was my first companion ever in Pirate101 and I love it not only cause of that but as well cause I trained it well and it comes from my favorite world in both Wizard and Pirate as well it is something that connect Wizard and Pirate ( exist in both games ). 

I arranged  this bunk house for Kan Po like this cause He always travels so much with me that he doesn't have time to visit his hometown. Kan Po's room, there for, have all commodity so that his friends and family can visit him: Shrine, place to rest and meditate, fresh plants from Moo Shu as well big dinning room freshen with some orchid smell :)

Third Place
Clever Luke Lawson 
My (new) favorite companion is Buffalo Bill. I made my bunkhouse for him! I know Buffalo Bill would like the house because it is circus themed like his traveling circus show. Also, because there is lots of the desert-ish plants that suit his background in Cool Ranch. Also, there is a table behind my pirate with spare guns for Bill. Finally, I believe Bill would love my bunkhouse because I made it just for him, and if he's as good natured as he is depicted in the game
Week Two Winners!!
Everyone did a fantastic job. Judges used a scoring table based on Haiku and Bunk house.

First Place
Quirky Anna Vaughn
The ship rolls and heaves.
Tables and benches nail down.
Mess Deck is open.

Second Place
Clever Gilroy Brewster
Ship on stormy seas,
Captin's cabin where I be,
playing games til dawn!

Third Place
Rylee Sharp

The windlane is rough
The Crimson Bounty rides high
Ships bob up and down

Week Three Winners!!
Judges were able to get done early. Not very many enteries.
First place
Impish Ivy Ivey
Ambassador Downley
This is my vision of MarleyBone bunk house. I made this house for Ambassador Downley.

Even thought well traveled Ambassador Downley miss her home MarleyBone quite often. She think the elegance and style no one can carry on such as MarleyBonian's can. That's why her home is inspired and arranged in MarleyBone style in many segments.

Since her home is also office ( working place ) where she is receiving guests from all over the spiral she wanted to share with them the design that MarleyBone is well famous for. And what better way then by showing a bit of MarleyBone to guests then through walls of her own Bunk House. Isn't she a great Ambassador or what?

Her home have working, waiting and resting areas. The working area is filled with working items as well items that Ambassador got from her many travels and that represents other worlds where she have been. The waiting area is for all her MarleyBonians that came to visit her. The design of furniture is costume made so that her countryman's can feel comfortably and like they are home. The resting area is where Ambassador is spending the most of her time when she is free: by Fireplace. There she relax with some tea, from the comfort of chairs, remembering, both worlds she have visit so far or home. 
Her Bunk house is like that: A great reminder and album of both worlds she came to love and her home. Every aspect of her home is designed like that. And she loves that! Even she is very often outside of MarleyBone she carry it everywhere she go ... In her heart and in design of her Bunk House.

Second Place
Reckless Phoebe Jellico
Judge Burble
Hello matey's, I am Reckless Phoebe Jellico and I am here to welcome you to Judge Burble studio apartment. As we know the Marleybonean society is built upon the rigid ideas of class and manners. Wealthy elite Dogs live in luxurious mansions, never mixing with the middle class craftsmen and tradesmen. But Judge Burble is the exception to this rule. When he visits Isle of Dogs it is a call of duty for him; he is here to put away thieves and robbers. However, he still must have a luxurious place to stay and entertain from.

If you have a look around you will see he has all the luxury a studio apartment can provide. Wonderful views, lavishness setting, Baby Grand Piano and Cello for beautiful music. There is a office set up in one corner of the room and a dinning area setup in front of an extra large window affording the best views of Isle of Dogs to be had. I know what you are thinking, there is no place to sleep, but alas matey's there is a Murphy Bed tuck away in the wardrobe with the most luxuriousness bedding one could imagine. 

Third Place
Dead-eye Justin
Handsome Dan aka Peanut Butter loves to travel back to his homelands of Marleybone. Sadly this will be has last time back for a while, as it is a war zone right now. This Bunk House has everything a Marleybone blue coat loyal would love! The entrance is a nice Marleybone railing, in front is his bed and some miscellaneous crates. Once you step in you immediately see Peanut Butter's War Layout, although most of the island on the table is most likely destroyed in Marleybone it still makes a nice center piece. He also has a nice blue lounging area. Right from the couches is his Desk, on it lays, a Grizzleheim Ship-In-A-Bottle, his favorite pistol, and a map. Across from that is a nice anchor candle holder and his piano. Yes, Handsome Dan is a professional pianist! Next to his piano is a cannon, for good measure. And a rotating globe for plotting and scheming. This Bunk House is up for rent at an astounding 150,000 gold a month - better balance that check book! On his walls are his criminals he has caught except for El Toro, they have an understanding. He also has a Royal Marleybone Flag, a Marleybonian antique Blimp Poster, and a poster of Westminster Skyway!

Week Four!!
First place

Tiring Horace Zabra

One-Eyed Jack is a sneaky, tricky little rabbit! We all know of his establishment The Black Spot and of his rental business on Flotsom but you never hear talk about where he lives.  I'll tell you this it not at The Black Spot or on Flotsom that is for sure.  It is a well keep secret but I know where it is and I am going to let you in on it. One-Eyed Jack lives on a small, undeveloped island called Horace Island. It is his own private sanctuary away form all the hustle and bustle of Flotsom.  It only provides for the bare necessities of life but One-Eyed Jack has big plans for developing a grand tourist resort here. Mums the word for now.
Second Place

Although a lot of pirates believe One Eyed Jack lives in a mansion, being the business rabbit he is, he set up his home in one of his warehouses next to the Black Spot Inn.  This allows Jack to keep an eye on his business and he can be there in a hop, skip and a jump should the need arise.
Third Place

i think one eyed jack would live in a bunkhouse over the black spot. he rents rooms to all the pirates in the spiral who need room and board.. even some sketchy pirates.  one eye jack has an eccentric style that i admire and love so i figured his theme bunk house would sort of match his clothing. so what do you do with all the gold you are making when you are an owner of your own floating hotel? you have the nicest bunk house there is! i don't know where exactly one eyed jack's origins are but i'm betting he's traveled all over so his bunk would be a cluster of things  from his favorite places in the spiral sky ways.  i feel his bunk house would be as homely as welcoming as his pub the black spot. even though he is a tricky little bunny you have to admit  his tricks are funny. 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Pirates De Mayo! Raffle

This contest is now closed

From May 2,2013 - May 21, 2013

To enter send a email to Contest@PAIGEMOONSHADE.COM , along with your Pirates in-game name (such as Perilous Paige) . When entering this drawing please make sure to add Pirates De Mayo contest to your email.
* All you need ' Your Pirates name' and you will be entered to the random draw. No need to send more than one email your name will just be re-entered into each days drawing.

Enter early for more chances to win!!  One Winner drawn Per day!

Once you win a prize your name will be removed from drawing list for future drawings for this contest. You only need to send your name in once it will be re-entered each day.

All winners will be posted in this topic Before 5:00PM central US the day of each drawing and prize sent out. 

* These are One code can be redeemed per account.

If you are under the age of 13 please have your parents or guardians permission.
Thank you Kingsisle for the wonderful prizes 

Gobbler PiƱata (yes, the same one from Wizard101) and 2,500 crowns


Victor Hawkins
Ian Sharp
Brave Alex Richmond
Crazy Ashley Moone 
Cunning Aedan Morgan
stormy cedric clegg
Katherine De Bouff
Steven Ironside
Silent Anthony
Unkind Jack
Sean Silver
Merciful Mackenzie Milford
Rylee Sharp
Bold Christopher Abbot 
Golden Elizabeth Thatcher

Check out more at Pirates De Mayo  to get yer free hat!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Frame your Garden Contest.

Sharpen your spades and quills!
It's gardening time around the Spiral!
This contest is now closed. Winners will be posted by 6pm us central time Thursday 5/23 

How does your garden grow contest From May 1, 2013 - May 22, 2013. Decorate your own Wizard101 Garden then make a special picture of your garden like I did for banner. You may use If you like they have some really nice frames or make one yourself.

How to Enter:

* Create and decorate a Wizard101 garden. 
* This contest begins May 1, 2013 and ends May 22, 2013 at 6pm(Wizard101) Central time. 
* Take a screenshot of your garden and frame it how ever you like.
* Sign your ingame name to you framed picture with the date. Any entry without name and date will be Disqualified
* Write a paragraph about your garden
* Send your framed picture to with title "Frame your Garden."
* Take your time you have until May 22,2013
* Codes are one time use, and may only be used one per account.

If you are under the age of 13 please have your parents or guardians permission.

5 Grand Prize Winners!!
Each grand prize winner will receive
 Red Barn Farm House (with Additional Castle Elixir)
1 code for 10 random seeds PLUS three Moolinda Wu’s Packs

10 runner ups!!
Each runner up will receive
1 code for 10 random seeds PLUS three Moolinda Wu’s Packs

Good Luck everyone!!!
Thank you Kingsisle for these amazing prizes

Themed Bunk House Decorating!!!-Pirate101 Contest

Themed Bunk House Decorating!!
Each Friday I will post a new theme in this topic, from May 3,2013 through June 2,2013. You will only have couple days to enter each theme. You will NOT know the theme until each Friday dates are; May 3rd , 17th, 24th and 31st. So are you up to the challenge? Can you still make a really cool looking Bunk House?

That's right this is decorating with speed!  How fast can you decorate?
This contest is now closed!
Be Creative!
Due to unseen real life issues Week dates have been changed. Sorry for any problems

Week 1 theme. From May 3rd - May 5th 6pm US Central time.
This weeks theme has now ended, Winners will be posted tomorrow

Your favorite companion.
*Decorate yer Bunk house in away you think your favorite companion would live.
*Write a small paragraph saying why your companion would like this Bunk house.
Favorite companion is Batacuda. What kind of bunk house do you think the Batacuda would like to live in?

Week 2 theme. From May 17th - May 19th 6pm US Central time.

This weeks theme has now ended, Winners will be posted tomorrow

Captain's Quarters, Inside the ship: 
Decorate yer Bunk house how you think the inside of a ship would look like.
*Write a Haiku about your ship. ( The word Haiku is clickable to help understand)

Week 3 theme. From May 24th - May 26th 6pm US Central time.
This weeks theme has now ended, Winners will be posted tomorrow
Decorate yer Bunk house to fit the best Marleybone theme you can.
*Write a paragraph about your Marleybone Bunk house. 

*Explains who lives there. (Companion or NPC)

Week 4 theme. From May 31st - June 2nd 6pm US Central time.
This weeks theme has now ended.
One Eyed Jack
We all know this trick playing rabbit stays in The Black Spot but Where do you think he lives?
Decorate yer Bunk House to represent where you think One Eyed Jack would live.

*Write a small paragraph telling why you think One Eyed Jack would live in your Bunk house.

How to enter

*Send all entries to with title "Bunk House".Along with your Pirates name such as (Perilous Paige)
*You may take up to 2 screenshots of your Bunk house to send in.
*Make sure that any added things needed such as; a paragraph, list or item are added in your entry.
* To be fair to all if you float items you must stay within the bunk house walls.
*You may only win one grand prize.
* You may only enter once per week
* Please ask any question on this post.

If you are under the age of 13 please have your parents or guardians permission to enter.

Good Luck everyone!

Thank you Kingsisle for these wonderful prizes.

3 Winners each week!!!
First place
20,000 Crowns
Invincible Class Galleon
Second Place
10,000 Crowns
Clockwork Wings
Third Place
5000 Crowns
3 Companion Points


Week one Winners

Two Faced Anne
Clever Luke Lawson 

Week Two Winners

Quirky Anna Vaughn
Clever Gilroy Brewster
Rylee Sharp

Week Three Winners

Impish Ivy Ivey
Reckless Phoebe Jellico
Dead-eye Justin

Tiring Horace Zabra