Thursday, May 23, 2013

Frame your Garden winners!!

Congratulations Winners!!!
There we so many awesome entries and judges scared each entry from 1-10 based on these requirements.
* Take a screenshot of your garden and frame it how ever you like.
* Sign your in game name to your framed picture with the date.
* Write a paragraph about your garden

Here are your top 5!!!
Red Barn Farm House (with Additional Castle Elixir)
1 code for 10 random seeds PLUS three Moolinda Wu’s Packs

Midnight Garden
Tiffany StrongStone
This is my Midnight Ghost Garden located at my Marleybone Royal Estate. All the plants that I have planted here have turned into a permanent ghostly elder. They shall remain this way until a new gardening level is introduced. These plants here are predominantly Key Limes and they are known for their high EXP levels. Unfortunately, due to the inactivity here in this garden, it has attracted some mysterious other worldly creatures. Ghosts, bats and all things spooky have taken refuge here and seem to be attracted to my elder plants. I am a Legendary Gardener and am hoping for a new gardening level soon so that I can get rid of these spooky squatters once and for all.

Vanessa Dreamfinder
Vanessa Dreamfinder enjoys a stroll in her Mooshu style summer garden after a days work in the spiral. She has planted corn, cabbage, carrots, summer squash, lettuce, tomatoes and a variety of herbs. This makes it easy for her to made a healthy summer salad or a great veg soup. She also has a few chickens so she has fresh eggs to go along with it. Yummy, I think it is time for lunch now. ENJOY!!!

Little piece of Heaven

Welcome to my little piece of Heaven. Where the trickling sound of the water fall just carries you away. And there is nothing better then the fresh smells after a light rain, like the smell of rich dirt after digging to plant a new seed, Or the fragrance of the honey sickle trees, its one you will never forget. But the best is the smell of the cornbread tree after a day in the warm sun, just like cornbread fresh from the oven. MMMMMM. This is my favorite place to be when the day is done. So come grab a hot cup of tea sit back relax, close  your eyes and enjoy all the sounds and smells in My little piece of Heaven.

This garden design is about when spring has arrived. When all the flowers have bloomed like the cherry blossoms and the elephant ears. The unicorns have also come out to see spring arrived and they see the flowers bloom, and they dance and gallop with joy.

Ringing in Spring
Sydney Storm
The Red Bell Pepper rang in the arrival of spring.  This brought forth the Tiger Lilies and Laugh-O-Dils which danced and swayed in the sun's 
warmth.  The joy the plants felt at the arrival of spring soon attracted some magical pixies who joined in the fun.  This is my happy little garden.

10 runner ups!!
1 code for 10 random seeds PLUS three Moolinda Wu’s Packs
Amber Firesword
Tasha Sparkleheart 
Brecken Stormbane
Cody Raventhorn
James DragonCatcher
Alyssa WaterGem
Chris Shadowmancer
Blaze MistShard
Kiley Nightwalker


  1. thank you so much Paige!!!!!
    Congrats to all the other winners and contestants too.

  2. This is amazing! All off them look like postcards that I would pick with out any hesitation :D Congrats everyone, great job :D

    Llewella Life

  3. Thank you Paige! ~Brecken Stormbane~


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