Thursday, May 30, 2013

New Bundles! From GameStop and Walmart

Olympian Bundle Available at GameStop!
Who doesn't want to be an Olympian? Now with this new bundle from Gamestop you can be! This bundle comes with; Your very own Acropolis Palace, full gear up to level 90, two player chariot mount and a Trojan horse pet.

Let me talk about this house for a moment, this house has so many great feature from the Oracle giving you a daily dose of wisdom to a giant maze! Oh, and did I tell you if you find your way to the end you're able to get a daily prize. Check out Wizard101 Olympian Bundle to see all the amazing features.
Two new bundles from Walmart!
Winterbane Gauntlet comes with; the Gauntlet and wow is it a good one. Check out this guide Here to see the level 90. A war boar,  gear up to level 90 and this adorable Polar Bear.
Atlantean Bundle comes with ; a two player pygmy whale mount, gear up to level 90, a beta fish and a magic fish bowl that you can go inside to swim around and receive a daily prize! Just amazing Kingsisle these are some fantastic bundles!!


  1. I am so impressed with all the beautiful homes Kingsisle creates. They are so gorgeous that you don't even have to change the wallpaper or flooring.

  2. Yes!!' I have waited for an Olympian Bundle ever since I started playing!


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