Thursday, May 2, 2013

Pirates De Mayo! Raffle

This contest is now closed

From May 2,2013 - May 21, 2013

To enter send a email to Contest@PAIGEMOONSHADE.COM , along with your Pirates in-game name (such as Perilous Paige) . When entering this drawing please make sure to add Pirates De Mayo contest to your email.
* All you need ' Your Pirates name' and you will be entered to the random draw. No need to send more than one email your name will just be re-entered into each days drawing.

Enter early for more chances to win!!  One Winner drawn Per day!

Once you win a prize your name will be removed from drawing list for future drawings for this contest. You only need to send your name in once it will be re-entered each day.

All winners will be posted in this topic Before 5:00PM central US the day of each drawing and prize sent out. 

* These are One code can be redeemed per account.

If you are under the age of 13 please have your parents or guardians permission.
Thank you Kingsisle for the wonderful prizes 

Gobbler PiƱata (yes, the same one from Wizard101) and 2,500 crowns


Victor Hawkins
Ian Sharp
Brave Alex Richmond
Crazy Ashley Moone 
Cunning Aedan Morgan
stormy cedric clegg
Katherine De Bouff
Steven Ironside
Silent Anthony
Unkind Jack
Sean Silver
Merciful Mackenzie Milford
Rylee Sharp
Bold Christopher Abbot 
Golden Elizabeth Thatcher

Check out more at Pirates De Mayo  to get yer free hat!

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