Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Themed Bunk House Decorating!!!-Pirate101 Contest

Themed Bunk House Decorating!!
Each Friday I will post a new theme in this topic, from May 3,2013 through June 2,2013. You will only have couple days to enter each theme. You will NOT know the theme until each Friday dates are; May 3rd , 17th, 24th and 31st. So are you up to the challenge? Can you still make a really cool looking Bunk House?

That's right this is decorating with speed!  How fast can you decorate?
This contest is now closed!
Be Creative!
Due to unseen real life issues Week dates have been changed. Sorry for any problems

Week 1 theme. From May 3rd - May 5th 6pm US Central time.
This weeks theme has now ended, Winners will be posted tomorrow

Your favorite companion.
*Decorate yer Bunk house in away you think your favorite companion would live.
*Write a small paragraph saying why your companion would like this Bunk house.
Favorite companion is Batacuda. What kind of bunk house do you think the Batacuda would like to live in?

Week 2 theme. From May 17th - May 19th 6pm US Central time.

This weeks theme has now ended, Winners will be posted tomorrow

Captain's Quarters, Inside the ship: 
Decorate yer Bunk house how you think the inside of a ship would look like.
*Write a Haiku about your ship. ( The word Haiku is clickable to help understand)

Week 3 theme. From May 24th - May 26th 6pm US Central time.
This weeks theme has now ended, Winners will be posted tomorrow
Decorate yer Bunk house to fit the best Marleybone theme you can.
*Write a paragraph about your Marleybone Bunk house. 

*Explains who lives there. (Companion or NPC)

Week 4 theme. From May 31st - June 2nd 6pm US Central time.
This weeks theme has now ended.
One Eyed Jack
We all know this trick playing rabbit stays in The Black Spot but Where do you think he lives?
Decorate yer Bunk House to represent where you think One Eyed Jack would live.

*Write a small paragraph telling why you think One Eyed Jack would live in your Bunk house.

How to enter

*Send all entries to with title "Bunk House".Along with your Pirates name such as (Perilous Paige)
*You may take up to 2 screenshots of your Bunk house to send in.
*Make sure that any added things needed such as; a paragraph, list or item are added in your entry.
* To be fair to all if you float items you must stay within the bunk house walls.
*You may only win one grand prize.
* You may only enter once per week
* Please ask any question on this post.

If you are under the age of 13 please have your parents or guardians permission to enter.

Good Luck everyone!

Thank you Kingsisle for these wonderful prizes.

3 Winners each week!!!
First place
20,000 Crowns
Invincible Class Galleon
Second Place
10,000 Crowns
Clockwork Wings
Third Place
5000 Crowns
3 Companion Points


Week one Winners

Two Faced Anne
Clever Luke Lawson 

Week Two Winners

Quirky Anna Vaughn
Clever Gilroy Brewster
Rylee Sharp

Week Three Winners

Impish Ivy Ivey
Reckless Phoebe Jellico
Dead-eye Justin

Tiring Horace Zabra


  1. Thanks Paige for holding the contest! I hope this will turn out very good and can't wait to participate, thanks alot :)

    Also, I would like to put your blog in My Blog List in Pirate101 Mania and my blog in yours, like a partnership, can we make one?

    1. Of course you can add my blog to your blog roll. Send me a email to with your blog link.

  2. Does your pirate have to be in the picture?

  3. Does the marleybone in p101 look like the one in w101? I have never seen it :(

    1. I am sure if you search images you can find many for Marleybone for P101.


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