Monday, June 24, 2013

Figurehead Winners!!

Congratulations Pirates
Everyone did such an fantastic job, you're all winners!
All Pictures are in this topic all winners names are Here.


Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Acropolis -Paige MoonShade

Many ask me to show off my houses, though I mostly show them in person I thought i would give this house a classy view. Please I hope you enjoy The Acropolis. This house has so many places that makes it so elegant. 

Thank you 
Paige MoonShade

New Golem Mount and Pet!

Golem pets and mounts!! Have you ever seen something so adorable ?? This Golem pet reminds me of Gracie's minion War Golem.  If you don't think this pet is adorable Check out this mount!!!
Your Pirate looks like they are moving the controls as your Golem mount takes off  You can tell this mount is fast with all the engines Chugging away!! If it breaks down, not to worry, a bit of hammering in the right spot makes you back on your way.

Coming July 8th!!!!

You've heard about that little bird telling secrets??

Do you have the best dorm in Wizard City? 

Do you like to decorate?

The Best Little Dorm in Wizard City Fourth Annual Contest 

Starts July 8th!! Right here on Paige's Page

So much is given out your Wizard Hat will spin!

Crowns, Bundles and mounts oh MY!!

OVER 40 Winners!!!!

Grand Prize worth over 70,000 crown!!! plus prizes!!

Are you up to the Challenge!!??? 

Come back on July 8th for Contest details. 

There will be many twists and turns for this contest

See you then. ;)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Introducing KingsIsle Entertainment Blog

Simply Outstanding !!
"What can you expect of our blog? For one it’s another fun, playful environment that lets a little more of our creativity shine through outside of our games.  Keep an eye out for insights into the gaming industry and perhaps a little guidance to those who aspire to enter it with us.  We also have some wonderful “Guest Bloggers” lined up, and we certainly want to hear from you on topics you would like us to further explore.  Perhaps most importantly, we want to give you a more intimate view of what we do here at KingsIsle and exactly why we are so passionate about what we do." –  Fred Howard, Vice President of Marketing.

Pirate101 Fan art

Nothing  better than waking up to a really great piece of fan art :) Thank you so much Pirate Autumn. This is really amazing.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Picture Pets- Winners!!

First off I would like to say Congratulations to everyone!! 
Out of almost 200 entries the judges have chosen your winners!!!

1 Grand Prize Winner!!
15,000 crowns + One Pet Related Code
Christmas in June at Henry's Home! My wizard name is Gilroy and my favorite pet is Henry.

The tradition of Christmas isn't something you think about much during the summertime. However, in Henry's world he has been preparing for Christmas all year long. It is his perspective that you need to see, hear, and feel Christmas as you work making toys and gifts for the next holiday season. So when I go over to my favorite pet's home I deck myself out in my Santa's suite and join in the fun. We listen to a few Christmas tunes and have a merry good time. Every time I visit him it reminds me that Christmas is not just for December but should be celebrated all year round.

2 Second Place Winners!!
10,000 crowns + One Pet Related Code
Destiny Wild
My wizard name is Destiny Wild and my pet is Teddy a Polar Bear Cub.

It was a dream come true for a hopeful young wizard who was looking for a new best friend. After the hatch I wondered if it really could be that I had just received the new Polar Bear Cub. I had to wait 5 very long minutes to learn that in fact I had. I was so excited I took off to the Dye Shop in search of the prefect name … then it struck me there was only one name for him and it was Teddy. He is happy to go everywhere with me and is the most loyal companion. Nothing will induce him to leave my side. Simply put, I love Teddy! He is certainly a true and faithful friend. It is only right to call him this wizard's best friend.
Samuel Stormsinger
Being a life wizard, I personally prefer life pet and the release of new Olympian Bundle with Trojan Horse just makes everything perfectly fit in my "life-code".
I got the pet through hatching with other wizards. Day after day training, he finally answers my desire!!!! Trojan Horse is a legend, words fail to describe how much I love this pet, so I decided to make a Haiku Poem to express my emotion:
Life is his nature
Defy spell proof plus healing
Perfect pet I sing

3 Third place winners!!
5,000 crowns + One Pet Related Code
I Found this little fellow in Wizard City, Seemed he was lost and hasn't gotten any parents around...I decided to take him in , seemed like he had been through a lot since his little hat was broken. In battles he has gained this special talent to heal me.... and it is AMAZING! Since then I have loved and cared for this little guy and we are like best friends. We will never grow apart.
Chris Heart
Lady Gus is my companion in battle wherever my Thaumaturge goes . She travels the spiral with me, helping to defeat mighty foes ranging from lost souls to the evil necromancer Malistaire . Together, we've saved the spiral on multiple occasions (it's become sort of a routine thing now) and are always seeking out danger where ever it might be . When we're not saving the spiral, she likes to fly around my Mooshu palace and admire the Mooshu skies . She swears to me that she sees legendary pirates roaming the skies, seeking out treasure and some sort of map… I think she's just had too many mystic dragon fruit.

Saffron Silverflame 
Sparky is my favorite pet and very special to me for many reasons.  He was my first hatch I ever did, with the aid of my best bud and questing partner. He is also my first and only pet that I got to mega.  He has been with me since the end of Dragonspyre and loves questing by my side, I would not have been able to get though Avalon or Azteca without him.  Many have suggested that I improve his stats and abilities but I am happy and love him just the way he is and can't imagine having any other kind of pet by my side. 

15 runner up!!
5,000 crowns
Tiffany StrongStone
Daniel MythRider 
Fiona Dreamer
Valkoor Stormcaster
Marcus Hawkeyes
Valdus LegendFlame
Hunter Frost
Keira Deathwalker
Allan RainbowHeart
Michelle Mooncatcher
Blaze Sunstone
Paige Dreamcloud
Gavin Trollblood

10 Random draws(valid enteries only)
One of these random prizes
10,000 crowns
5,000 crowns
One Related Pet Code
Chris WildFlower
Dylan SunThief
Scot Firetalon
Julia Dreamcaster
Lenora Nightstone
Taylor JadeHeart
Autumn RavenSong
Llewella Life

Friday, June 14, 2013

Wizard101 Commercial - Tournaments

This commercial is awesome!. I have been checking out tournaments and absolutely having fun in them. It is kind of like PvP but your not gaining ranks. You gaining prizes by where you position in the tournament. I'm not very good and land in 8th or 9th place most of the time but we still get rewards such as; tickets, snacks, treasure cards , pets or even mounts.

Tournaments are still in test realm right now but come join me and have a friendly competition in the tournaments. Win or lose you will find me bowing to my opponent and having fun.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New Pharaoh's Hoard Pack!

New Mander Palanquin mount
New Mummy Cat pet
New epic Krokotopia themed gear
New weapons like the Anubis' Astral Staff
New housing Items & Much More!
 Check out announcement at Wizard101

Now we know my favorite part of this pack Furniture and the Mummy Cat. New tapestry to the Oasis! and a Cat that walks like a mummy, makes kitty biscuits and walks like an Egyptian dance. Not even to talk about the very funny mander mount, where your Wizard seems to be really relaxed.

New Pirate101 Commercial!

While watching the Pirate101 commercial you see  the Pirate classes. Can you tell which power each class is using? Also I love those golden blades of the swashbuckler!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Thank you everyone.

I wanted to send everyone a great big thank you. I had such a wonderful Birthday yesterday on both Wizard101 and Pirate101. Wow!, Just Wow . It started off with a  friend asking me to log into Pirate101 , She said, She found something very odd I needed to look at. I ask myself now why do I always fall for that? I guess I was a bit in shock cause I got not one picture of myself landing in Avery court. I got a few at Kelsey's Castaway Cove though. Awesome Pirate house by the way. ;)

Don't you love it when players line up for a party? First thing that always comes to mind is where is the firing squad? I do actually think someone yelled Armada is coming, Johnny. All I could think of is why am I still standing here and ran outside. :P Oh and Check out my presents! I about died when I found all the companions I been trying so hard for in my gift box. Thank you Thomas.

Next stop was Unicorn Way again so busy I am so happy everyone was taking pictures and posting them on twitter. Thank you everyone! We finally went to Tyler's house and got pictures.  Oh and yes the fun line ups! Do you know what happens in Wizard101 when you line up? This:
We all get one little elf run by and turn us all to elves. I actually think we got frozen then in one swoop elfed! It was pure fun to watch it happen though. I got so many Birthday cards and wishes on Wizard101 Central and Twitter just exploded!  You all made me the happiest Wizard/Pirate around. You're all so special.  I have more Pictures in the Slideshow. I wanted to Show this one message I got via twitter that just brought tears to my eyes . Thank you , you know who you are. I feel the same about all of you!
Paige, I wanted to personally wish you a very happy birthday today, and give you a special message. First, I hope you've been able to enjoy your day a little bit, as you've been bombarded with parties and in-game surprises all day! :) And next, I wanted you to know what a wonderful person you are. You get a lot of compliments, so maybe they're empty words to you, but you mean a lot to us and this community. You are the epitome of kindness and leadership. You exhibit the qualities to be both a good leader AND a giving friend. You constantly brighten my day with even the simplest tweets, "I spy" messages, or DMs, so I imagine you make a lot of other people very happy as well. Your generosity is so great online that I can only image how fantastic a person your are offline. And remember, what you do on Twitter makes REAL differences in people's REAL life. You teach kindness and generosity, leadership and discipline, courtesy and politeness, and acceptance and forgiveness. You have affected so many people, and you are loved by the whole community. So when I say thank you for what you do, I don't just mean what you do online. I mean the differences you've made in other people. Thank you, and have a happy birthday! You are loved, accepted, and prayed for. (Also, I don't know how this really long DM system works, so if it sends you a million instead of linking, sorry! 
I even gave out staffs for my Birthday on Twitter, here is on of the lucky winners Congrats Dakota.
Enjoy the slideshow and sending a Great big THANK YOU to everyone.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Create an Aquila Figurehead Contest

Create an Aquila Figurehead Contest
Every ship needs a figurehead on the front of your pirate ship, here is your chance to show off some creativity by creating your very own Aquila Figurehead  . From Now June 1,2013 to June 22 ,2013. 
This contest is now closed. Winners will be posted Sometime Monday June 24th
* Create an Aquila Figurehead by using any kind of art medium. Can be construction paper, felt cardboard, clay, material or even food. Yes you may use computer graphics to create your figurehead also.
* Take a picture of your art work add a piece of paper with date and Pirate name such as; Perilous Paige June 1, 2013
*If you make a computer graphic figurehead add your pirates name and date to it.
* Email entry to Contest@PAIGEMOONSHADE.COM . Please remember you must have your piece of paper with Pirates name and date taken with picture.
* Title of email needs to read Aquila Figurehead contest
* Please remember figureheads need to be rated E for everyone
* All Entries must be in by June 22,2013  6pm Central time
* If you are under the age of 13 please have your parents or guardians permission.
* Please ask all questions on this post only

Be creative the more creative you are the better the chances you of winning.

All prize codes will be sent via email of winning entry.
Thank you Kingsisle for these wonderful prizes

1 grand prize Winner!
Aquila Crown Shop Vessel + 10,000 Crowns
Clever Gilroy Brewster
18 Runner ups!
2,500 crowns and a Release The Kraken Ship horn.
Crazy Hazel
Grumpy Arlen Keeler
Clever kestrel Bowman
Quirky Anna Vaughn
Golden Jack
Ian Sharp
Fearless Kieran West
William Blake
Lindsey Percy
Ariel Walker
Alex Andrews
Crazy Heather
Chris Deverepux 
Sneaky Scarlet
Annoying Jocob


Kraken horn and ship stats