Saturday, June 1, 2013

Create an Aquila Figurehead Contest

Create an Aquila Figurehead Contest
Every ship needs a figurehead on the front of your pirate ship, here is your chance to show off some creativity by creating your very own Aquila Figurehead  . From Now June 1,2013 to June 22 ,2013. 
This contest is now closed. Winners will be posted Sometime Monday June 24th
* Create an Aquila Figurehead by using any kind of art medium. Can be construction paper, felt cardboard, clay, material or even food. Yes you may use computer graphics to create your figurehead also.
* Take a picture of your art work add a piece of paper with date and Pirate name such as; Perilous Paige June 1, 2013
*If you make a computer graphic figurehead add your pirates name and date to it.
* Email entry to Contest@PAIGEMOONSHADE.COM . Please remember you must have your piece of paper with Pirates name and date taken with picture.
* Title of email needs to read Aquila Figurehead contest
* Please remember figureheads need to be rated E for everyone
* All Entries must be in by June 22,2013  6pm Central time
* If you are under the age of 13 please have your parents or guardians permission.
* Please ask all questions on this post only

Be creative the more creative you are the better the chances you of winning.

All prize codes will be sent via email of winning entry.
Thank you Kingsisle for these wonderful prizes

1 grand prize Winner!
Aquila Crown Shop Vessel + 10,000 Crowns
Clever Gilroy Brewster
18 Runner ups!
2,500 crowns and a Release The Kraken Ship horn.
Crazy Hazel
Grumpy Arlen Keeler
Clever kestrel Bowman
Quirky Anna Vaughn
Golden Jack
Ian Sharp
Fearless Kieran West
William Blake
Lindsey Percy
Ariel Walker
Alex Andrews
Crazy Heather
Chris Deverepux 
Sneaky Scarlet
Annoying Jocob


Kraken horn and ship stats


  1. Can we draw the figurehead on a paper?

    1. Hi Hannah
      * Create an Aquila Figurehead by using any kind of art medium. Can be construction paper, felt cardboard, clay, material or even food. Yes you may use computer graphics to create your figurehead also.

      Sure why not? As long as it's created and your own work.The more creative you are the better.

  2. Hi Miss Paige, I wanted to know if you received my entry (crazy hazel my pirate name), because I didn't get the confirmation email thingy.

    1. Yes, I am unsure why did you check your bulk mail? Ill look at my settings

  3. william shadowbladeJune 3, 2013 at 5:09 PM

    ah i don't wanna sound stupid or anything paige but what is a figurehead?? i wanna enter the contest but i don't really know what i should make :(

    1. A carving figure, set at the prow of an old-fashioned sailing ship.

      I would look in the ship part vendors they have figureheads in those for examples.

  4. hi paige, i am sorry but i am still doing monquista and i dunno what is aquila all about, i can make a figure head but i dunno what should be the primary theme, plz help

    1. Here are some pages that might help
      You can even google Aquila pirate101 images

      Aquila is a constellation in the northern sky. Its name is Latin for 'eagle' and it represents the bird who carried Zeus's/Jupiter's thunderbolts in Greco-Roman mythology.

  5. so what time up to June 22nd does this contest end? 12 AM CST midnight (which will be 1 AM EST for me)? Or much later in the day than that?

    1. Always stated in rules
      * All Entries must be in by June 22,2013 6 pm Central time

    2. Since mine is a graphic, I'm gonna put text for my Pirate name and date along with my entry to make up for the paper, so is that ok?

    3. Nevermind, I read the rules, thanks for the contest though!


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