Friday, June 7, 2013

Thank you everyone.

I wanted to send everyone a great big thank you. I had such a wonderful Birthday yesterday on both Wizard101 and Pirate101. Wow!, Just Wow . It started off with a  friend asking me to log into Pirate101 , She said, She found something very odd I needed to look at. I ask myself now why do I always fall for that? I guess I was a bit in shock cause I got not one picture of myself landing in Avery court. I got a few at Kelsey's Castaway Cove though. Awesome Pirate house by the way. ;)

Don't you love it when players line up for a party? First thing that always comes to mind is where is the firing squad? I do actually think someone yelled Armada is coming, Johnny. All I could think of is why am I still standing here and ran outside. :P Oh and Check out my presents! I about died when I found all the companions I been trying so hard for in my gift box. Thank you Thomas.

Next stop was Unicorn Way again so busy I am so happy everyone was taking pictures and posting them on twitter. Thank you everyone! We finally went to Tyler's house and got pictures.  Oh and yes the fun line ups! Do you know what happens in Wizard101 when you line up? This:
We all get one little elf run by and turn us all to elves. I actually think we got frozen then in one swoop elfed! It was pure fun to watch it happen though. I got so many Birthday cards and wishes on Wizard101 Central and Twitter just exploded!  You all made me the happiest Wizard/Pirate around. You're all so special.  I have more Pictures in the Slideshow. I wanted to Show this one message I got via twitter that just brought tears to my eyes . Thank you , you know who you are. I feel the same about all of you!
Paige, I wanted to personally wish you a very happy birthday today, and give you a special message. First, I hope you've been able to enjoy your day a little bit, as you've been bombarded with parties and in-game surprises all day! :) And next, I wanted you to know what a wonderful person you are. You get a lot of compliments, so maybe they're empty words to you, but you mean a lot to us and this community. You are the epitome of kindness and leadership. You exhibit the qualities to be both a good leader AND a giving friend. You constantly brighten my day with even the simplest tweets, "I spy" messages, or DMs, so I imagine you make a lot of other people very happy as well. Your generosity is so great online that I can only image how fantastic a person your are offline. And remember, what you do on Twitter makes REAL differences in people's REAL life. You teach kindness and generosity, leadership and discipline, courtesy and politeness, and acceptance and forgiveness. You have affected so many people, and you are loved by the whole community. So when I say thank you for what you do, I don't just mean what you do online. I mean the differences you've made in other people. Thank you, and have a happy birthday! You are loved, accepted, and prayed for. (Also, I don't know how this really long DM system works, so if it sends you a million instead of linking, sorry! 
I even gave out staffs for my Birthday on Twitter, here is on of the lucky winners Congrats Dakota.
Enjoy the slideshow and sending a Great big THANK YOU to everyone.


  1. even in ur bday u are giving things away :') U are an example for all of ur Paige! Ty for everything always, for being that awesome lady.This community would never be the same without you! WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

  2. I'm so glad it was a great time for you! Sorry that I couldn't make it, little brother graduated, but I knew it'd be a blast! Happy Birthday to one of the kindest hearts in the community! I'm so glad that you're in it and hope that you always will be :D

  3. Happy B-day Paige! Sorry I couldn't make it; was sort of grounded from w101, but bet it was a blast!

  4. I am very sorry I couldn't attend your party but in same time I am so glad you enjoyed your B-Day Paige, I hope every day be like B-Day to you! You truly deserve that! I felt happiness just from reading your post and I feel very blessed just for knowing you as I suppose many of us do!
    Thank you for been part of our life's!
    LLewella Life


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