Sunday, July 7, 2013

Dorm Room Decorating -Revisited

Finished Dorm Room
Today I'm going to take time to show some basics, such as; Placing big items into wall ,adding details and placing items that normally just don't want to go inside. First let's go back to some other posts. All of these links will help any Wizard Decorator achieve that dream dorm room.
Now that all those are out of the way , let's begin. I wont show how to place objects that cannot normally be placed as those links provide that information. What I will show is how to use tatami mats and how easy it is to remove them. I hope this helps all new decorators wanting to learn. Until next time, Happy dorm decorating. ;)

Place large item on mat and then move it into place.

Take a second mat and place it on top of edge of first mat.

Now use the scroll on your mouse and  turn them until they are away from placed item.

Now simply pick up both mats.


  1. 1. i have crafted my wall hanging so will my wall hanging count as both "crafted" and "hanging items" ?

    2. you said should have one of each items listed. is it okay to have more than one of the items listed as a requirement? meaning - I.E. = i had more than one jar or stone

    3. can we use pets as a part of the decor have pets running around in the back ground to add to the dorm theme

    1. 1. No crafted and wall hanging need to be 2 separated pieces
      2. You can have as many as you want but you do need one of each, understand?
      3.You have to have your pet in your dorm

  2. I've heard of people who used crates to build higher levels so you can walk above the ground/floor. How do you get up? I can float a rug, but I can't jump on top of it.

    Also, how do you escape from your dorm room walls? In your contest you said that the screenshots must stay within the dorm, meaning there's a way to get out.

    One other question: often when I stick two items together, they turn red when I try to move them and cannot be placed anywhere. Any solutions?

    1. It really depends on the create, try 2 jellybean creates

  3. Not to give away an idea I had, but I must ask to clarify in case I am making a mistake in reading the rules:
    Can another pet, who is not the favorite, be used creatively to be the "rock", or must it actually be a décor item from bazaar, card pack, crafting, boss drops, etc. etc.? I see you have so many questions already, but I couldn't find one asking this. If there is, sry to duplicate. Thank you for your time and best of luck everyone!

  4. I apologize the above question was suppose to be placed under the Best Little Dorm Room Contest. I was also reading your nice decorating tips page and accidently posted under the wrong area. Sorry about that.

  5. Thank you so much for posting this! I knew there was a way to get rid of those mats but I couldn't remember xD now hopefully I won't forget :D


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