Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ryan the Relentless, Class Housing , Furniture and more!

Ryan has set up shop across from Kraken Skulls tavern and for 100 gold you are able to refresh your health with a nice mug of Yum-N-Ade. Thanks Ryan that was delicious. 

Class Housing

Pirate class housing, each house comes with it own unique style for each class. Hidden tunnels, traps even a giant sea squid in the Buccaneers house. My favorite  part is the Roses that fall from the sky in the swashbucklers house and the cannons in privateer's Although I am kind of worried that Nervous Neville's  Flag he has Bull-eyes all around his house. 

Class Furniture Sets
I really like the class looks swords for swashes and so on.

Housing Teleporters
Anyone that knows me from Wizard101 , know I create housing Hubs. Now with pirate version teleporters I can make my very own pirate housing hub

To find out more about this amazing update check out Update notes. Well Time to get decorating!


  1. Yea the new houses are amazing! my favorite's are the swash witch houses. Also I happen to be the annoying pirate that kept porting to you Fearless Jacob Jones sorry about that lol. I was just so curious about all the houses lol :D

  2. What house is in the last picture?

    1. Last picture is the armada ship that crashed into swashbucklers house


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