Thursday, July 11, 2013

Staying Cool Winners!!

Congratulations to everyone!!
 We Pirates sure be knowing how to stay cool in the hot summer. This Pirate be loving all of it and knows how to stay cool now! Great job everyone.
 Grand Prize
Stubborn Duncan Freeman
Lending a Fan

First & Second- Random draw
Quirky Anna Vaughn
Nothing like a day at the beach
Bold Frances Newton
Snow heart
Third & Forth- Random Draw
Two Faced Anne
Take it to the Icy Docks
Sarcastic Dylan Pew
Dylan? He finds the closes swimming pool.

10 extra random draws!!!
Emily Jones
Golden Jack
Peachy Llewella Kipton
Belgrim laverne
Dreaming Kevin Morgan
Dead-Eye Scarlet Quincy
Justin Ironside
Katherine De Bouff
Tim Burton
Dark Wolf Xiriga


  1. I forgoten about the lending a fan horse, is a a NPC in cool ranch or a class specific companion?


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