Monday, July 29, 2013

Tales of Merciless Mina De Bouff -8

Mina and Mormo begin t' run through t' Tombs. Mina looks at Mormo I see why you don't like spiders they be creepy. As they runnin' Mina see some interestin' thin's like this Glowin' eye statue. Finally! they find Haku and make quick work on defeatin' him, only t' find out that He raises a Ancient Mumme t' defeat Mina and her crew. That Mumme almost had them until Bonnie Anne hits him a giant burst o' sparks. 
Haku be say'in that he will make peace with the Monkeys, Mina and Mormo head back to the Foreman. He pays them with gold and tells them about Gortez and that the Golden Monkey is cursed, then he sends them t' talk t' a Monkey named Criado. Mormo looks at Mina and says I think this monkey sendin' us on a wild monkey chase. They come t' t' campsite only t' find it destroyed. They find a rock that tells them t' monkeys hid in a cave.
Once inside t' cave a Monkey named Ramos tells them that they have t' get pass a swarm o' bees. Mina thinks, Nope t' bees. Ramos explains that they be trapped between t' bees and troggies but if they can find Criado and rescue him from sacrifice cave, He would be able t' tell them how t' get through t' bee swarm. " Mormo no want t' be sacrificed Mina Not use silly, we rescue.
When thar find out monkey be bein' cooked! Mormo We help put out fires and save Monkey, Aye Mormo Mina says. After savin' monkey he tells mina only way t' see t' Gold monkey be t' get through bees be t' make a paste from troggie poison and lotus flowers. More troggies? Mormo says , Aye Mormo, Aye.
Once through t' Bees they come out into a area where this troggie named Hopper wants t' talk t' them , Mina looks at Mormo " see that all troggies bad this one be good". Hopper explains they need t' talk t' Aguirre. Mina finds Aguirre and whisper t' Mormo I think these monkeys be a bit crazy, Mormo agrees.They be tellin' Mina they already got a Gold Monkey, Mina says no we want t' fins Gortez. T' Monkeys proceed t' tell Mina she be not ready. T' Watermole standin' with t' Monkeys tells Mina and her t' crew smash Clockworks and t' destroy their Captain and they can pass. So off They go inside t' Pyramid t' find t' Clockworks Captain. Mina out....

Thank ye Talk like a Pirate translator, Without ye Mina's tales would not be so Piratey.

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