Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wizard101 5th Birthday Celebration!!!

Wizard101 is celebrating their 5th Birthday!!! 
Now through September 30th Wizard101 is having sales and amazing rewards based on when your account was created and much more! Also if you check around Wizard101 World Commons you can find Gift boxes! These boxes contain all kinds of gifts from; Treasure cards to mounts!!

Wizards! We are beyond grateful and thrilled to celebrate Wizard101’s 5th birthday! It is because of all of you Wizards that we have been able to hit such a huge milestone! To celebrate this great achievement, we have planned a month long birthday celebration that includes:

*Free confetti cannon and other amazing items based on when your account was created - see what cool items you get!*Crown Shop sales throughout the month!*New Arcus Cloud mount!*New Hair Styles!*Party decorations in Wizard City!
Dragon Mounts!

Interactive dragon statue and cannon

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Pirate Hideout Showcase - Faithful Wolf Freeman

Ahoy Pirates! Today I bring the Pirate Hideout of Faithful Wolf Freeman a young pirate I met while farming Friar Sands for gold. Wolf's Privateer Class house had a few places He showed me ,like this little crystal area and his treasure rooms.
As we traveled through his house we even stopped in his tavern for a bottle of yum , we played a few games before he showed his treasure rooms and oh my! They be treasure rooms. large piles of gold and chests everywhere! Image shown below is just one of these rooms. Thank you Wolf and hope all ye Pirates enjoy Wolf's Hideout.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Housing Showcase - Rowan DarkShade

Today I bring you the Wizard101 houses of Rowan DarkShade. Rowan's houses are full of prized collections including ; pets, mannequins with full sets of gear  staffs and wands to even a collection of bobble-heads. We start off our showcase in Rowan's Dorm room where you can already see the collections begin. We traveled through 8 houses full of grand collections which can only be described as very entertaining.

Rowan's houses include; Dorm, Wyrd, death, Wysteria, Mooshu, Myth, Life , Dragonspyre, and the Massive Fantasy Palace. Each house full of wonderful view and collections. Even though I couldn't show every single picture I took in this showcase  I did pick out some that really show off Rowan's houses. 

Check out this place Rowan made in her Death House. Wizard Bowling You can see Ambrose having some fun and Bowling with Wizards! The next two places are from Rowan's MFP; Her kitchen which is simply fantastic and the last place is the little excavation site, you can see wizards busy trying to get that statue out of the cliff side. I do hop you enjoy this showcase as much as I did viewing all these amazing houses.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Test Realm-Introduction of Henchmen

Pirate101 henchmen have arrived in test realm! Much like Wizard101 you hire these henchmen while you are in battle to help you out. You can control these henchmen like you would a companion.

Here is the level 65 Witchdoctor ( Dastardly Damon Dee) with the first talents /Powers that came up. Check out more about these Updates  at Pirate101 Game Update

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New Mooshu Themed Furniture-Pirate101

That's right Pirates we have some new furniture items in the crowned shop. You may purchase these with crowns or gold! Above is a picture of most of the items. I do have to say the; catapult, statues and jade egg are my favorite pieces! So check out Arrrgust Week at Pirate101.
Enter Locking Dragons

Monday, August 19, 2013

Housing Showcase-Savannah FrostGem-2

Savannah Frostgem's Massive Fantasy Palace is a place she would call" Home". Savannah's MFP house is set up to show; grand archways, rivers to even a lovely picnic area. All this before we even step in the doorway! The inside shows a kaleidoscope of color in Her vast hallways and rooms.

As we go around the outside of Savannah's MFP we come to what she calls " The Lazy River" I would have to agree with the name. Such a beautiful sight to see and at the end of this river there is even a small water fall, just big enough to make the water move slowly down the river.

Savannah's favorite room is her office. I do have to agree it's lovely with the unicorn statue arch and crystals everywhere. My favorite area beside the river is this hallway of fountains and candles. When the crystals burst of the racks just made the whole place light up! Thank you Savannah for a wonderful house tour. 

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Congrats to ye Arrgust Pirate Winners!

Congrats to all everyone. Pirates sure are making it harder and harder to judge. Fantastic job to everyone!! Here are your winners .All winners have been sent codes via entry email. Thank you so much for entering.
2 First Prize winners 

Dead-Eye Mark
Best part of Pirate101? Battling.
Best part of battling? The funny faces they make of course 
Fearless Louis LaBouf
Everything in Pirate101 is FUN! But what do I like to do the most? Ship Battle. Ship battles are so fun! Use your attack and press the "tab" key so you go to your Pirate view to see the chaos go on. Its so cool to see a HUGE Dryad throw rocks at an enemy ship! This is how I have fun in Pirate101!

3 Second place
Crazy Ryan Upham
I'm busy shopping! That's right! Even though I'm a boy pirate I love to keep myself in style with the latest outfits in the spiral! :D Without further a do I must choose what shop to go next D:< There's just too many to choose from! xD

Belgrim Laverne
I love dabbling in hoodoo in my spare time. This is a picture off me testing the new summoning circle I painstakingly drew with chalk. Mormo helped me while Gracie planned our assault on beachhead. I summoned some spirits which helped Mormo blow up bishop and had a great time off it.
Courtney on the right, next to her nifty ship exploring Sivella with her boyfriend on the left, sporting the awesome clockwork armada disguises so the enemies don't detect their presences!

10 extra random draws!!!

Victor Hawkins
Jumping backwards on a bike on the top of a waterfall that falls to the sky while wearing my Carnival outfit. Now THAT'S fun!
Wobbly Donna Noble
Here's my pirate Wobbly Donna Noble having the most fun ever! She's doing awesome flips all while beating down the Clockwork Armada!
William Blake
In Pirate101 I really enjoy pet collecting. Here is a pet that I got recently, an Armadillo Verde called Lord Moose. He's my favorite pet.

Merciless Felicity Nightingale 
This is me. Having fun battling with the scorpions in La Mancha.I have recently finished the Monkey's Paw quest and it was a hard work. During my leisure time, I like to battle any monsters in my way.I took a screenshot of me and I this one is amazing.I was in the air posing for my picture
Loyal Sean
Being a Pirate means to take on impossible battles, and come out victorious – to oppose not just the clear enemy, but all who oppose you, as when one enemy falls, the rest will not be far away. Being outnumbered does not mean defeat – it means that you are daring enough to overcome your surroundings. A light will shine down upon these adventurous Pirates

Golden Harmony Dove
In my spare time I tend to hang out in the Tavern with my crew. We usually consult on strategies and quests that should not be overlooked. As the captain, I have to lead my companions and control the path the lies ahead.
Dark Dante
My favorite thing to do in Pirate101 is helping out my friends with my great buffs from a lvl 65 privateer.

Ruthless Destiny
 All Pirates love fighting. This is why Ruthless Destiny (shown above) is enjoying her fight. Her smirk on her face is a sign of loving what she do best. FIGHTING!
I love questing with my favorite companion Bonnie Anne. She is very powerful and helps me in battle. Here she is helping me in Skull Island Temple of Gloom Flooded Shrine. She really knows how to ZAP some sense into our enemies!
Megan Moone
After a long way quest and running here and there, finally I saw something glittering in my eyes just not too far from where I standing. Slowly I approached it. :D HOORAY!. I  jumped off the floor even i so hungry and exhausted by the time. There is my 'heaven' i waiting for so long. It is nothing more than fruits and food to fill up my tummy.. Now i can't wait to eat them.Hmm yummy..See ya my diary after i fulfill my needs.

Jack teach
Even though this was not one of the winners. I know Jack wanted to give a great big Pirate Shout out to all those privateers out there!!! This is one awesome screenshot 

Friday, August 16, 2013

Crown Sale

Now until Monday August 19th  Wizard101 and Pirate101 is having a crowns sale. You are able to get 50% more crowns!! That's 90,000 crowns for the cost of 60! Check out the crown sale at Wizared101 or Pirate101. Hurry sale ends August 19th at 11:59 US Central time.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Arrgust 13th left-Handers Day

Today is Arrrgust 13th and that means Pirate101 is celebrating Left-Handers' Day in style! That's right! Pirate101 is raising awareness for our southpaw friends and designating all of Pirate101 as a Lefty Zone for the day! Show some #lefthandersday pride and claim your free hook for a hand at Arrgust Month  Pirate101.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Krokotopian, Celestian and Zafarian Furniture packs

House-a-Palooza is well on it's way in Wizard101. Now until August 14th you're able to get discounted items in crowned shop and Lets not forget your one free item!!  All I have to say is KingsIsle went crazy with these AMAZING!! furniture packs. Krokotopia, Celestia, and Zafaria now have furniture packs!! I got some pictures of these furniture pieces for everyone to see.

Krokotopian Furniture Packs

Celestian Furniture Packs
 Check out this Fireplace!

Zafarian Furniture Packs

Monday, August 5, 2013

Class Hotel - Pirate101 Housing

Ahoy Pirates! Welcome t' t' Class Hotel, a place where every Pirate can feel welcome. When you first walk through t' gates you can see that thar be more than meets t' eaye t' this hotel. From a small beach fore where Pirates can relax after all t' questin'. You can even go canoein'.
As you walk around t' spiral walls you can visit t' court yard t' relax, have a drink or even play some Horseshoes. How about a game o' Pirate Croquet? Just grab one o' t' skull putters and send them six pounder balls on their way through t' course.
If your feelin' a bit hungry after all that game playin' you can stop by t' Saloon/restaurant for a bit o' card play or one excellent meal. I hear t' Chef says, fresh fish be on t' menu tonight. If your a Pirate that likes t' relax with a good book or be readin' t' sprogs. Stop by t' Library you might even find a hidden trophy case.
Don't forget t' check out t' main Hotel. This Hotel has every need for your Pirate Class from exotic fish aquariums, t' Witch-doctor Hall. Each room be set up in your very own Pirate color!! So come on in and stay awhile but be mindin' t' sharp objects.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Black Spot Celebration

Art work by FrostCaller

Tale of the Black Spot Celebration

Let me tell a story o' One-Eyed Jack , It was his birthday you know , fan sites and buckos got together and threw a party. It was a grand celebration for even Old Ned was thar you see. So Happy Birthday One-Eyed Jack from all o' us t' ye.

Page, Stars and Pirates sites galore! Even Pieces o eight sung while Duelists adored. We all came together so show our Ahoy! for such a grand celebration that even our Petnomes were dancin'. Have fun and relax and enjoy this Tale o' t' Black Spot Celebration.

Happy Birthday Tom!