Friday, August 2, 2013

Aquila Opens!

Aquila is home to the Immortal Games.

If you are level 30 or higher, speak to Cyrus Drake in the Myth School room of Ravenwood for a special assignment; "Quest for Glory".Aquila is a collection of new “Dungeon Zones” within Wizard City that contain challenges and rewards for levels 30+, 70+ and 90. To find out more check out Wizard101 Game Updates.
 New Minions!
Balance and Fire Shown
If you are level 75 or higher and have your level 55 spell, speak to Halston Balestrom in Ravenwood's Storm School. 

3 requirements to meet to be able to accept the starting spell quest from Professor Halston
Being a minimum of level 75
Having completed Crab Alley in Triton Avenue*.
Having completed the quest “The Runedown” which gave you your level 55 spell.

Lock your Items

That's right Wizards we finally get to lock those most precious of items in our back pack so we don't make that horrible mistakes of selling them! Remember to be able to lock your items you must turn on this feature. (image shown above) To read more check out update notes.
Renaming your Deck!
A simple way to know which deck you need for which type of  battle. I know this is something I been wanting . How about you?
We even have free housing picks ups in Aquila Check out this Olympian Herb, cool huh? So many misc updates and read more check out Wizard101 Game Updates.  Oh and if I were you I would check out the Dragonspyre Library. ;)

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