Sunday, August 4, 2013

Black Spot Celebration

Art work by FrostCaller

Tale of the Black Spot Celebration

Let me tell a story o' One-Eyed Jack , It was his birthday you know , fan sites and buckos got together and threw a party. It was a grand celebration for even Old Ned was thar you see. So Happy Birthday One-Eyed Jack from all o' us t' ye.

Page, Stars and Pirates sites galore! Even Pieces o eight sung while Duelists adored. We all came together so show our Ahoy! for such a grand celebration that even our Petnomes were dancin'. Have fun and relax and enjoy this Tale o' t' Black Spot Celebration.

Happy Birthday Tom!


  1. Most Excellent, Dear Paige!

    "HOP"e you have the HAPPIEST (hoppiest?) of Birthdays, One-Eyed Jack!

    The Pirate (&Wizard) community loves their favorite floppy eared CM :)



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