Monday, August 26, 2013

Housing Showcase - Rowan DarkShade

Today I bring you the Wizard101 houses of Rowan DarkShade. Rowan's houses are full of prized collections including ; pets, mannequins with full sets of gear  staffs and wands to even a collection of bobble-heads. We start off our showcase in Rowan's Dorm room where you can already see the collections begin. We traveled through 8 houses full of grand collections which can only be described as very entertaining.

Rowan's houses include; Dorm, Wyrd, death, Wysteria, Mooshu, Myth, Life , Dragonspyre, and the Massive Fantasy Palace. Each house full of wonderful view and collections. Even though I couldn't show every single picture I took in this showcase  I did pick out some that really show off Rowan's houses. 

Check out this place Rowan made in her Death House. Wizard Bowling You can see Ambrose having some fun and Bowling with Wizards! The next two places are from Rowan's MFP; Her kitchen which is simply fantastic and the last place is the little excavation site, you can see wizards busy trying to get that statue out of the cliff side. I do hop you enjoy this showcase as much as I did viewing all these amazing houses.

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