Monday, August 19, 2013

Housing Showcase-Savannah FrostGem-2

Savannah Frostgem's Massive Fantasy Palace is a place she would call" Home". Savannah's MFP house is set up to show; grand archways, rivers to even a lovely picnic area. All this before we even step in the doorway! The inside shows a kaleidoscope of color in Her vast hallways and rooms.

As we go around the outside of Savannah's MFP we come to what she calls " The Lazy River" I would have to agree with the name. Such a beautiful sight to see and at the end of this river there is even a small water fall, just big enough to make the water move slowly down the river.

Savannah's favorite room is her office. I do have to agree it's lovely with the unicorn statue arch and crystals everywhere. My favorite area beside the river is this hallway of fountains and candles. When the crystals burst of the racks just made the whole place light up! Thank you Savannah for a wonderful house tour. 

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