Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wizard101 5th Birthday Celebration!!!

Wizard101 is celebrating their 5th Birthday!!! 
Now through September 30th Wizard101 is having sales and amazing rewards based on when your account was created and much more! Also if you check around Wizard101 World Commons you can find Gift boxes! These boxes contain all kinds of gifts from; Treasure cards to mounts!!

Wizards! We are beyond grateful and thrilled to celebrate Wizard101’s 5th birthday! It is because of all of you Wizards that we have been able to hit such a huge milestone! To celebrate this great achievement, we have planned a month long birthday celebration that includes:

*Free confetti cannon and other amazing items based on when your account was created - see what cool items you get!*Crown Shop sales throughout the month!*New Arcus Cloud mount!*New Hair Styles!*Party decorations in Wizard City!
Dragon Mounts!

Interactive dragon statue and cannon


  1. what mount did you get? I got the Frontier dragon mount because i created a account on February 19th 2009!

    1. oh i didnt get that mount because that account iam using it i made it on 2011

  2. I LOVE my Frontier Mount!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  3. I don't think I have luck finding any gift boxes :( Paige can you give me a clue please it would help.

    1. I linked the word gift boxes to a guide from Wizard101 Central. Good luck


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