Sunday, September 29, 2013

Message In a Bottle Winners!!

Congratulations Winners!!
First off I be needin' t' say ye Pirates be very clever!! So many entries amazin' messages it was so hard t' pick t' winners. Seems like everyone was in need o' help off their island. It was so fun t' open each bottle and read your messages t' actually see in me mind where you were or how I could send a rescue party! Here be yer Winners!

First Place 

Cutthroat Shark Companion (from the Cutthroat Bundle) + 10,000!!! Non-transferable crowns
Dark Oran Randall

Dear anyone who finds this, It be monday September 23,2013.I be stranded on a deserted island and i need help! me ship has been destroyed by those cutthroats. Tons o' cutthroats be on this island with me and i really cant stop them all meself. I be hidin' in a cave starboard now so i be safe for now. I at t' Tradewinds Skyway and i see a old light house way out in t' distance.Please send help as soon as possible. 

Next top 3 winners!!
Military Sabre (from the Admiral Bundle card) + 5,000!! Non-transferable crowns
Merciless Scarlet Ivey
Help me hearties n' I be stranded 45 knots west 'o Rapa Nui.'Em cutthroats have surrounded th' wreckage.Sword fight 'em 'n find us standin' on t' pillage o' me ship. Smartly now, or we be found n' Davy Jones' Locker.

Alex Finch
Help! Okay, not specific enough. I'm trapped on a very small island in t' Avernus Skyway! It's about halfway between t' Stormgate t' Monquista and t' Stormgate t' Valencia. There's not much food, no shipbuildin' materials, and me only companion be Bonnie Anne. An' she won't stop talkin'. Come, at t' very least for her sake!


Please help! me name be Jack, I crashed on a empty island and me ship was smashed up by them nasty ole' cutthroats, I know I be north o' t' Bloody Shoals. Send some help immediately!

Next 6 More winner!!
One Random Pet from all of our prepaid cards + 1,000!! Non-transferable crowns
James Morgan
T' he who be readin' this. me ship has crashed and I be stranded at t' old haunted lighthouse. Please come and rescue me. I will reward you with a generous amount o' gold. James Morgan.

Eccentric Rowan Moone
A' Hoy I be in need o' help. I have crash landed on this rotten island. T' one shaped like a big crab, in t' middle o' t' Yum Yum Sea. I wish thar was some Yum Yum t' eat or drink. I be livin' off o' coconuts. me crew be gone, thar be only me port. I be in need o' bein' rescued and might even be persuaded t' share some o' me booty with you I managed t' save when we crashed, I buried it on this island. 

Dead-eye scarlet Quincy
Ahoy! Me and me crew be trapped on an island. We be shootin' off our muskets every few hours, so ye can find us!"

Nathaniel De Clark
Tis be pirate Nathaniel De Clark and i request o' you t' person who found this message assistance for i be abandoned on an island and me ship be wrecked t' pieces and i can't get out. its rare for a pirate t' seek help but desperate times require desperate decisions. so if you readin' this come t' t' island south o' where you be and hopefully uou find me well and alive. me life be in your hands help as soon as possible.

Loyal Martin Xavier

Dear anyone wit' a heart, Me ship be destroyed by a band of cutthroats and after that for fun they stole me mateys and pets. I be now struck on a stranded island with no supplies and only two tents. I be near underground of Blood shoals so brin' a shovel. Ye be knowin' where I be because I gunna to be screamin' like a lass! Come quickly I be dyin' here! 

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Pirate101 Ylvis - The Fox [Parody]

Big thanks to Adrian Silver 

No copyright infringement intended, all rights to Ylvis for the song and Kingsisle for Pirate101. IT IS HERE! Time for Bonnie Anne to shine!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Shout Out to Talon Dragonrider

Just a quick shout out to Talon Dragonrider. You're so very welcome!! Always tell your Mom how special she is ((Hugs)) That staff looks awesome on you!!!

Friday, September 20, 2013

VisionTek pirate ship offer

In honor of Videos Game Day VisionTek First AMD Graphics Card Designer has teamed up with Pirate101 for an exclusive promotion offer. For an VisionTek pirate ship and 5000 crowns for in-game upgrades. To read more about this offer check out VisionTek Products, LLC. Facebook page HERE. Can I just add that is one pretty ship. Video cards can run from 50 to 200.

Housing Showcase-Elizabeth Sparklesinger

Today I bring you the dorm room of Elizabeth Sparklesinger. Elizabeth Sparklesinger decorated her dorm with Dragonspyre inspiration. Adding colorful flooring with a pale wall gives depth to her dorm room. This little dorm room gives a place for studies and relaxing. Thank you  Elizabeth Sparklesinger for allowing me to view your dorm room.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Message in a Bottle- Contest

This contest Be ended Winners be posted by Sept 30,2013 6 pm Us central time.
Aye you've wrecked yer ship and landed on a deserted island , yer ship be all busted up by tem Cutthroats. Yer unaye how t' get help, so searchin' through t' wreckage you find; a small piece o' charcoal, a bit o' paper and one yum yum bottle with a cork.  You be decidin' t' send a message in a bottle for help. So send me a message in ye best pirate words tellin' me how I can help ye out.

Message in a Bottle

Write a message (In yer best pirate talk)  and send it into a windlane for help. Be creative! Remember you only have; a small piece o' charcoal, a bit o' paper and one yum yum bottle with a cork. to get your message out for help.

* This contest begins September 19, 2013 and ends September 28, 2013 at 6pm  Central time. 
* Send your in game name ,such as Perilous Paige with your entry.
*Send your message for help to email with title "Message in a Bottle." You may add one screenshot of you needing help. It's not needed though to win
* You may use Talk like a Pirate Translator for pirate talk help.
*You have until September 28, 2013 at 6:00 pm central to enter
*Make sure everything is correct before sending in entry.
*All prize winners codes are sent via their entry email. Please make sure you have the correct email.
* Only one entry per person
* All entries must be G rated(Family friendly)

If you are under the age of 13 please have your parents or guardians permission.

Thank you KingsIsle for these wonderful prizes
Good luck everyone!!

First Place 
Cutthroat Shark Companion (from the Cutthroat Bundle) + 10,000!!! Non-transferable crowns

Next top 3 winners!!
Military Sabre (from the Admiral Bundle card) + 5,000!! Non-transferable crowns

6 More winner!!
One Random Pet from all of our prepaid cards + 1,000!! Non-transferable crowns
Images of prepaid card pets can be found HERE

Winners will be posted on o before September 30 6 pm Us Central time.In a new post.

Tales of Merciless Mina De Bouff -9

Mina and her crew find t' clockworks, Mormo be sayin' that Clockwork sound funny! Like bombs tickin' away has they walk. They defeat them only t' find out that They have been spotted by Optimus Caerulus. Mormo looks at Mina he be sayin' we gonna be terminated? Aye Mormo He did Mina says.

After defeatin' T' clockwork begins t' tells Mina and her crew that they did not comply and that they have not won, They do not tire Ratbeard yells" But they break!" Lets all go aft t' Aguirre, Minas says I think that monkey was playin' tricks.

Aguirre Starts talkin' about how great ,Mighty Gortez be and that Mina and her crew must face t' trails by combat. Mormo goes "Here we go again" Off they go into t' MOnkey village t' fight Ordaz. Mina thinks, What happen t' Gortez? They come t' Ordaz only t' find out Mina She be fightin' this battle alone! It's okay Mina tells Mormo, This one big watermole Slow and easy t' take care of. Ordaz calls Mina a Mighty warrior after t' battle . Mina feels qite pleased with herself.

Aft t' Aquirre, Mormo asks Mina" Why this monkey act like we not able t' do his small tasks?" Mina Shrugs. All o' a Sudden Mormo yells out " Not more spiders!!" Mina says No spiders but we have t' collect their eggs. Mormo shivers as they start t' collect them. We got enough lets take these t' t' Monkey. 

T' crew look at t' Monkey cause he not believ'in they were able t' get spider eggs and tells them t' go talk t' dead. Mina looks at Mormo this be easy Bein' a Witchdoctor I speak t' t' ones who be went t' Davy Jones' locker, silly monkey Could not believe Mina was able to. Now T' gates open says Mormo. Off t' battle Gortez!!
Mina and her crew Go inside t' temple only t' find a great big Gorilla in golden armor, This be who we have t' battle? Mormo says. They smartly knock him off his perch and defeat t' giant Gorilla. Upon returnin' t' Porte Mico they find t' Governor Medina Is not longer thar this new Governor Duarte has no idea what they be talkin' about. Mina loos at Mormo and says, " Ho did I know this was gonna happen?" Majordomo explains that they needs t' retrieve a windstone from Armada Ships.

 Finally after several ship battles t' crew has their windstone and off t' Monquista they sail through a grand Stormgate! The crew take a moment t' take in all t' views o' t' stormgate. Mormo asks" Those be other places we can go?" Aye Mormo I be thinkin' they are. It does come t' show how big our world really be Mormo. Mormo sighs, New adventures ahead Captain! Mina out....

Thank ye Talk like a Pirate translator, Without ye Mina's tales would not be so Piratey

Monday, September 16, 2013

Five Years of Wizard101- What is that?- WINNERS!

Congratulations Winners!!!

Top 10 most correct!

These entries had 9 - 19 correct 

Katherine NightSong
Dunacn StormThief 
Julia Shadowcaster
Edward StormMender
Talon ShadowHorn
Nicholas Rubyshard
Gavin Stardust
Diana Anglehunter 

Extra winners!!
0-9 Correct

Taylor DeathBreeze
Allan Firebreath
Megan Moon
Diana Silverflame
Andrea DreamDust
Antonio Thunderhunter
Chris DrakeFlame
Trevor SoulSinger
Scot FireTalon
Matthew Myth Glade
Alex Frost
Daniel AngleBringer
Sarah SkyStrider
Charles Lifebane

All codes have been sent via entry email.

Here are your images!!!

1. Way of the Ninja kama course

2. Gazebo Unicorn Way

3. Seafoam Crystal 

4. Glowing Flowers in Cloud burst forest

5. Spiral door in Wizard house

6. Boat Rudder from boat in Krokotopia

7. Stray Cat from Scotland yard

8. Table in MooShu commons

9. Stone area in Cave of Solitude

10. Bellow in Northguard

11. Fire QuetZal in Cenote

12. Carousel in fairgrounds 

13. Boat near Atlantea in Garden of Hesperides

14. Loremaster's book

15. Sir Onehands Flag

16. Tree Tops in BaoBab crown

17. Smith in Triton Ave

18. Bee Hive in Astriland

19. Fairy Cage in Unicorn way

20. Painting in Wysteria

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Perilous Paige's Witchdoctor Class - Mormo's House

Welcome to Mormo's House a place is mystery and Mystic creations. Okay yeah ;) All I can say is who wouldn't love this house! Just look at the views, add a bit of Mooshu flare and you have it a place set for any Witchdoctor or Water mole. I took some of the new Stone dragons and made some fencing. Even added some bamboo to give that earthy feeling. 
I carried the same style inside the  waterway area, though I did want to add some housing, after all every house needs that lived in detail. Watermole shacks and cooking fish give a great look to this area. I do wonder if those fish were caught in that water though. I should ask Mormo.
I decided to decorate the inside of the buildings a bit different. I went more classic for the upstairs and down stairs I made fresh water areas. Was sure needed with all those mystic waterways. The above image shows  how I took the Witchdoctor packs and made a living area. Mormo's actual living area is in the below image. I hope everyone enjoys my Witchdoctor class house. I think Mormo will.

Housing Showcase- Matthew EarthHeart

Welcome to the houses of Matthew EarthHeart. Matthew has some very awesome places in his houses, from camp sites in his Krokotopian house to Dining halls areas in his Mooshu House. Matthew will say his houses are the most cared for in all of the spiral. I have to agree He takes great care of his lovely houses.
While traveling through Matthew's houses There were many hidden areas,one of these places is Matthew EarthHeart's favorite place in all his houses. (shown above). I think my favorite place is this fantastic cooking and dining area. (shown below) Thank you Matthew EarthHeart for allowing me to visit  your wonderful homes.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Pirate101 Mini update

I have been so busy trying to decorate 2 houses The Witchdoctor House ( shown above) and the Buccaneer House I simply forgot this weeks post. Not to worry Tales of Mina De Bouff has something in store for talk like a pirate day. I'm hoping to have this house finished and posted before then. Pirates if you have a Pirate101 house that you would like to showcase Send me a message at (If you are under the age of 13 make sure to have your parents or guardians permission). 

Housing Showcase-Alia FrostSinger

Today I bring you the Krokotopian House of Alia FrostSinger. Alia's house is like an Oasis. Alia has lovely fountains, with small areas that transforms this desert into a magical garden. While I was looking around the outside Alia's house I noticed this first area, Look at the fountain, even though it is a flowing way above ground it still has that underground water pool, as if showing the water that still flows under the house.
Alia's Favorite area in where you stand on top of the perch to see all the fountains around this area. I have to agree that view is amazing. I really like this area where Alia made Krokotopain head fountains. Each head flowing with water absolutely brilliant  Thank you Alia for allow me to visit your Desert Oasis.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Five Years of Wizard101- What is that? - Contest

Can you guess all 20?
Contest has ended Winners posted HERE

Simple as it sounds ? 

All you have to do is guess what that is and try to get them all right.

* Below will be 20 small images of What? That is up to you to figure out. 
*Make a list number 1-20 and try to figure out what each image is. The more information you can provide the better.
*Send your list to with the title  "What is that-Wizard101".
*Add  your Wizards In game name Such as (Paige MoonShade) to your list.
* Contest runs from September 1,2013 to September 15,2013  6pm Us Central time.
*Please ask all questions on this post
* You may only enter once, so please make sure everything is how you want it before you send your entry.

More information:
These images can be anywhere in the spiral.
You may only enter once. If you have a family/Sibling that wants to enter they must have their own email.
All you need is the list of 1-20 With each description  under the correct number. Please no need to send pictures. Remember the more information you can give about each image the better.

At the end of the contest I will post the screenshots of what these images are. :)
Thank you KingsIsle for the wonderful prizes.

If you are under the age of 13 please have your parents or guardians permission to enter.

Do your best Wizards!!
30 Winners!!

Top 10 most correct!
*One random Mastery Amulet, PLUS a chance at one random Exalted Amulet.
*One Code for two random hairstyles  (From this list;Kestrel,Owl,Martlet,Housemartin,Swan,Cha-Cha,Tango,Swing,Foxtrot,Rumba)
*One random value of Crowns Code (  List of values;50, 150, 500, 550, 1500, 5000, 5500)
These crowns are non transferable

20 Extra winners!!
*One random value of Crowns Code (  List of values;50, 150, 500, 550, 1500, 5000, 5500)
These crowns are non transferable

( In case of a Tie- The entries are first come first win)

 Winners will be posted on or before September 17, 2013 by 6:00 pm Central US time.

Good Luck Wizards!!

Ready for your images?