Monday, September 16, 2013

Five Years of Wizard101- What is that?- WINNERS!

Congratulations Winners!!!

Top 10 most correct!

These entries had 9 - 19 correct 

Katherine NightSong
Dunacn StormThief 
Julia Shadowcaster
Edward StormMender
Talon ShadowHorn
Nicholas Rubyshard
Gavin Stardust
Diana Anglehunter 

Extra winners!!
0-9 Correct

Taylor DeathBreeze
Allan Firebreath
Megan Moon
Diana Silverflame
Andrea DreamDust
Antonio Thunderhunter
Chris DrakeFlame
Trevor SoulSinger
Scot FireTalon
Matthew Myth Glade
Alex Frost
Daniel AngleBringer
Sarah SkyStrider
Charles Lifebane

All codes have been sent via entry email.

Here are your images!!!

1. Way of the Ninja kama course

2. Gazebo Unicorn Way

3. Seafoam Crystal 

4. Glowing Flowers in Cloud burst forest

5. Spiral door in Wizard house

6. Boat Rudder from boat in Krokotopia

7. Stray Cat from Scotland yard

8. Table in MooShu commons

9. Stone area in Cave of Solitude

10. Bellow in Northguard

11. Fire QuetZal in Cenote

12. Carousel in fairgrounds 

13. Boat near Atlantea in Garden of Hesperides

14. Loremaster's book

15. Sir Onehands Flag

16. Tree Tops in BaoBab crown

17. Smith in Triton Ave

18. Bee Hive in Astriland

19. Fairy Cage in Unicorn way

20. Painting in Wysteria

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