Sunday, September 29, 2013

Message In a Bottle Winners!!

Congratulations Winners!!
First off I be needin' t' say ye Pirates be very clever!! So many entries amazin' messages it was so hard t' pick t' winners. Seems like everyone was in need o' help off their island. It was so fun t' open each bottle and read your messages t' actually see in me mind where you were or how I could send a rescue party! Here be yer Winners!

First Place 

Cutthroat Shark Companion (from the Cutthroat Bundle) + 10,000!!! Non-transferable crowns
Dark Oran Randall

Dear anyone who finds this, It be monday September 23,2013.I be stranded on a deserted island and i need help! me ship has been destroyed by those cutthroats. Tons o' cutthroats be on this island with me and i really cant stop them all meself. I be hidin' in a cave starboard now so i be safe for now. I at t' Tradewinds Skyway and i see a old light house way out in t' distance.Please send help as soon as possible. 

Next top 3 winners!!
Military Sabre (from the Admiral Bundle card) + 5,000!! Non-transferable crowns
Merciless Scarlet Ivey
Help me hearties n' I be stranded 45 knots west 'o Rapa Nui.'Em cutthroats have surrounded th' wreckage.Sword fight 'em 'n find us standin' on t' pillage o' me ship. Smartly now, or we be found n' Davy Jones' Locker.

Alex Finch
Help! Okay, not specific enough. I'm trapped on a very small island in t' Avernus Skyway! It's about halfway between t' Stormgate t' Monquista and t' Stormgate t' Valencia. There's not much food, no shipbuildin' materials, and me only companion be Bonnie Anne. An' she won't stop talkin'. Come, at t' very least for her sake!


Please help! me name be Jack, I crashed on a empty island and me ship was smashed up by them nasty ole' cutthroats, I know I be north o' t' Bloody Shoals. Send some help immediately!

Next 6 More winner!!
One Random Pet from all of our prepaid cards + 1,000!! Non-transferable crowns
James Morgan
T' he who be readin' this. me ship has crashed and I be stranded at t' old haunted lighthouse. Please come and rescue me. I will reward you with a generous amount o' gold. James Morgan.

Eccentric Rowan Moone
A' Hoy I be in need o' help. I have crash landed on this rotten island. T' one shaped like a big crab, in t' middle o' t' Yum Yum Sea. I wish thar was some Yum Yum t' eat or drink. I be livin' off o' coconuts. me crew be gone, thar be only me port. I be in need o' bein' rescued and might even be persuaded t' share some o' me booty with you I managed t' save when we crashed, I buried it on this island. 

Dead-eye scarlet Quincy
Ahoy! Me and me crew be trapped on an island. We be shootin' off our muskets every few hours, so ye can find us!"

Nathaniel De Clark
Tis be pirate Nathaniel De Clark and i request o' you t' person who found this message assistance for i be abandoned on an island and me ship be wrecked t' pieces and i can't get out. its rare for a pirate t' seek help but desperate times require desperate decisions. so if you readin' this come t' t' island south o' where you be and hopefully uou find me well and alive. me life be in your hands help as soon as possible.

Loyal Martin Xavier

Dear anyone wit' a heart, Me ship be destroyed by a band of cutthroats and after that for fun they stole me mateys and pets. I be now struck on a stranded island with no supplies and only two tents. I be near underground of Blood shoals so brin' a shovel. Ye be knowin' where I be because I gunna to be screamin' like a lass! Come quickly I be dyin' here! 


  1. thank for another fun contest paige t' pirate translator was fun t' use :)"

    from charming Fiona sliver


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