Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Perilous Paige's Witchdoctor Class - Mormo's House

Welcome to Mormo's House a place is mystery and Mystic creations. Okay yeah ;) All I can say is who wouldn't love this house! Just look at the views, add a bit of Mooshu flare and you have it a place set for any Witchdoctor or Water mole. I took some of the new Stone dragons and made some fencing. Even added some bamboo to give that earthy feeling. 
I carried the same style inside the  waterway area, though I did want to add some housing, after all every house needs that lived in detail. Watermole shacks and cooking fish give a great look to this area. I do wonder if those fish were caught in that water though. I should ask Mormo.
I decided to decorate the inside of the buildings a bit different. I went more classic for the upstairs and down stairs I made fresh water areas. Was sure needed with all those mystic waterways. The above image shows  how I took the Witchdoctor packs and made a living area. Mormo's actual living area is in the below image. I hope everyone enjoys my Witchdoctor class house. I think Mormo will.


  1. Wow paige u r so amazing it looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing that with us :D.

  2. The house looks spooky with a mooshu flare. Love it! XD


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