Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tales of Merciless Mina De Bouff -9

Mina and her crew find t' clockworks, Mormo be sayin' that Clockwork sound funny! Like bombs tickin' away has they walk. They defeat them only t' find out that They have been spotted by Optimus Caerulus. Mormo looks at Mina he be sayin' we gonna be terminated? Aye Mormo He did Mina says.

After defeatin' T' clockwork begins t' tells Mina and her crew that they did not comply and that they have not won, They do not tire Ratbeard yells" But they break!" Lets all go aft t' Aguirre, Minas says I think that monkey was playin' tricks.

Aguirre Starts talkin' about how great ,Mighty Gortez be and that Mina and her crew must face t' trails by combat. Mormo goes "Here we go again" Off they go into t' MOnkey village t' fight Ordaz. Mina thinks, What happen t' Gortez? They come t' Ordaz only t' find out Mina She be fightin' this battle alone! It's okay Mina tells Mormo, This one big watermole Slow and easy t' take care of. Ordaz calls Mina a Mighty warrior after t' battle . Mina feels qite pleased with herself.

Aft t' Aquirre, Mormo asks Mina" Why this monkey act like we not able t' do his small tasks?" Mina Shrugs. All o' a Sudden Mormo yells out " Not more spiders!!" Mina says No spiders but we have t' collect their eggs. Mormo shivers as they start t' collect them. We got enough lets take these t' t' Monkey. 

T' crew look at t' Monkey cause he not believ'in they were able t' get spider eggs and tells them t' go talk t' dead. Mina looks at Mormo this be easy Bein' a Witchdoctor I speak t' t' ones who be went t' Davy Jones' locker, silly monkey Could not believe Mina was able to. Now T' gates open says Mormo. Off t' battle Gortez!!
Mina and her crew Go inside t' temple only t' find a great big Gorilla in golden armor, This be who we have t' battle? Mormo says. They smartly knock him off his perch and defeat t' giant Gorilla. Upon returnin' t' Porte Mico they find t' Governor Medina Is not longer thar this new Governor Duarte has no idea what they be talkin' about. Mina loos at Mormo and says, " Ho did I know this was gonna happen?" Majordomo explains that they needs t' retrieve a windstone from Armada Ships.

 Finally after several ship battles t' crew has their windstone and off t' Monquista they sail through a grand Stormgate! The crew take a moment t' take in all t' views o' t' stormgate. Mormo asks" Those be other places we can go?" Aye Mormo I be thinkin' they are. It does come t' show how big our world really be Mormo. Mormo sighs, New adventures ahead Captain! Mina out....

Thank ye Talk like a Pirate translator, Without ye Mina's tales would not be so Piratey

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