Thursday, October 31, 2013

Housing Showcase-Esmee WildHeart

Welcome to Esmee WildHeart's spooky yet fun Wyrd House. You can find anything spooky here from a witches coven to zombie pets. Spooky! Esmee even has some fun areas that jsut for relaxing too. These places are hidden back in the wyrd woods. ;)

Esmee's favorite spots are this back yard area and a area she calls the Witches Coven. I think my favorite area was this room where her witches live. Thank you Esmee for the wonderful tour and we wont mention that you locked me in a Jail cell. 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Spooky Companion Sale

Now through November 3rd 2013, Spooky Companions are on Sale!
save 50% OFF on
S.M. Arson
Martin Valvida
Moresco de Valvida
Doctor Noh
Bat Masterson
Bones McGee
Jim Masterson
Ghost Singer
* These Companions are unlocked in the Crown Shop as you progress through the game.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Congratulations Haunted Comic Winners!!

Congratulations Winners 
 Stubborn Duncan Freeman
 Silver Pearl
 Ruthless Destiny
Reckless Phoebe Jellico 
 Loyal Martin Xavier
Scary John

Friday, October 25, 2013

Wizard101 Test realm Oct 2013

Castle Tours
Myrella WindSpar has set up shop in the Wizard City Commons to allow young Wizards to open their homes up so that other players can visit and rate Castles without having to teleport to someone in the house! 
Add CastleIf you wish to put your own Castle up to be toured, you will be asked to categorize your Castle as Decorated, Magical, Crazy or a Maze. By adding your Castle to Castle Tours you agree that for the next 30 days other players may visit your Castle whether you are present or not. This means that players can visit your house at any time. If you no longer wish to open your house to tours, you can remove it from Castle Tours.

I actually added a bunch of houses for tours today. I also viewed many Some I have already seen. ;) Oh and don't forget before you leave a tour rate the castle! If you don't know what a item is inside the house your touring is click on the little Item Identifier.

New World: Khrysalis Part 1

Your Wizard must be a minimum of level 90
You must have completed the Azteca quest "Speaker for the Dead"
Speak to Merle Ambrose and he will send you to summon members of the council of light with the quest "Letters of Light"

Khrysalis Part 1 contains three Access Passes for our Crowns players, that will be priced at 1995 each.

To find ot more about the new updates in test realm check out update notes HERE

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Haunted Pirate101 Comic-- Contest

It's Halloween throughout the spiral and all young Pirates are looking for that best haunted tale to tale. So why not make a comic?. From Now October 15,2013 to October 25,2013. Create and design you very own Haunted Pirate101 Comic. It's not hard at all, I made this one above with the Paint Program and a few pictures.  What's more haunted than a costume gone wrong ?;)

This contest has now ended Winners posted HERE* Create a Haunted Pirate101 Comic by using any any program you may want. Paint program was very easy to use. You may use Gimp if you like.
* When making your entry please add the date and Pirate name to your work. 
* Email entry to Contest@PAIGEMOONSHADE.COM . Please remember you must have your Pirate name on your comic with date.
* Title of email needs to read Haunted Pirate contest
* Please remember comics need to be rated E for everyone. Family friendly, Pirate101 related.
* All Entries must be in by Oct 25,2013  6 pm Central time
* If you are under the age of 13 please have your parents or guardians permission.
* Please ask all questions on this post only
* Please redeem bundle codes at Pirate101 Redeem Code

Winners will be posted in a new Pirate101 blog post by October 29,2013 6 pm central. 
All prize codes will be sent via email of winning entry.


Grand Prize: 
Captain Blood's Jacket, Captain Blood's Hook, and 10k Crowns
Stubborn Duncan Freeman

 Next 3 Winners Prize: 
Captain Blood's Hook and 5k Crowns
Silver Pearl
Ruthless Destiny
Reckless Phoebe Jellico

Seven Runner Up Prize:
 2.5k Crowns
Loyal Martin Xavier
Scary John

Good Luck everyone!!!
I want to see a big Thank you to Kingsisle for the prizes

Monday, October 14, 2013

Wizard101 Mega Showcase-Kelly StormBreeze

Welcome to the houses of Kelly StormBreeze. When I first arrived at Kelly's houses I knew I was in for big surprises, each teleport went to a new house, you can only imagine all the fun I had viewing them all. Kelly did make sure to show me some of Her favorite places in some of the houses. Kelly describes Her houses as crafted with care you you should be able to see why I would agree with Her.
Traveling through the Wyrd House, kelly told me to head to the back in which we came to this wooded area. Omg! The spooky feel of fog and woods as you travel the road was just fantastic! Just eerie though I loved it. I was running it and Keel told me it gave a better effect on a mount. She was sure correct.

Kelly created many trails throughout her houses. This one in the above image was headed out to the moon in the Celestia House, Stunning! The below image was made in the Grizzlehiem House Through the mountains and to this amazing little area, though what got me was *cough* look up. Do you see what I see Pirates ;) Windlane!! Thank you so much Kelly for this wonder tour. Enjoy the Slideshow everyone.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Pirate101 Hideout--Friendly Matthew Richmond

Friendly Matthew Richmond's hideout is a fortress! When I first at Matthew's hideout I could tell He was trying to keep people out. Barriers, watch towers, and cannons all set so and Pirate would have troubles getting to his gold.
Matthew's favorite area is his Casino, everything set for all those Card playing Pirates Matthew invites to a night of gaming. I did find his gold though. ;) Matthew had many great looking rooms but this area where I found the sugar skulls really made me look twice. Thank you Matthew for allowing me to tour your Hideout. Sorry about the gold. :)

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Themed Bunk House Winners

Congratulations Winners
Each Week Ill post winners bunk houses in this topic.
Contest rules are HERE
Week 1
 Stormy Taryn Usher
Party 'n th' Map Room
by Stormy Taryn Usher

Shiver me timbers, lets bestow our fav'rit MMO a party, thar be yum fer sure,
We shall sail across th' skyway findin' gold 'n treasure.

All swaddled in swag 'n party in th' map room too,
We'll show all th' others thar be naught we can't do.

Happy Birthday Pirate 101, ye be th' best in th' land,
Yer members are ready 'n willin' t' follow yer command.

 Two-Faced Anne
Pirate101 be havin' 'tis first birthady this Month. Me
Is goin' t' make a few changes t' celebrate. Me goin' have Rat Beard   
Rub wax on his peg leg 'n me goin' sharpen me hook. Me  
Also goin' t' keep me crew in line when they be flappin' thar lips. 
This year me goin' t' shine up me ship fer ye party, me
Even goin' t' try 'n nah swig yum right from th' jar.
1 should know that for this year's party me be taken a bath,
0' this year me swear, me be th' best pirate me can be, Me be the 
1 plunderin' 'n pillagin'  in th' Pirate101 skyways far fun.

Witty Kevin Jeeves

Avast ye party mates! Come near 'n hear 
A Pirate101 happy birthday tale t' shiver ye timbers 
In fear concernin' creatures fierce hangin' on th' wall
I swear a year ago tonight 'n dark upon me fast ship

Three barnicled heads from deep did rise 
A terror t' pilfer me Pirate101 ship  
Huge win's emerged I feared would capsize 
But took me t' th' skyways forever t' sail.

Week 2
Clever Allan Freeman
Sneaky Scarlet
Loyal Martin Xavier
Week 3
Dead eye Justin
I love to travel back to my homelands of Marleybone. Sadly this will be my last time back for a while, as it is a war zone right now. This Bunk House has everything a Marleybone blue coat loyal would love! The entrance is a nice Marleybone railing, in front is my bed and some miscellaneous crates. Once you step in you immediately see my War Layout, although most of the island on the table is most likely destroyed in Marleybone it still makes a nice center piece. I also has a nice blue lounging area. Right from the couches is my Desk, on it lays, a Grizzleheim Ship-In-A-Bottle, my favorite pistol, and a map. Across from that is a nice anchor candle holder and my piano. Yes, I am a professional pianist! Next to my piano is a cannon, for good measure. And a rotating globe for plotting and scheming. This Bunk On my walls are my criminals I've caught except for El Toro, we have an understanding. I also has a Royal Marleybone Flag, a Marleybonian antique Blimp Poster, and a poster of Westminster Skyway! Marleybone is my favorite world, I love the music, detail, and humor of it all

Bloody Mary
No ordinary pirate would have such an Aztecan Haul in the middle of Skull Island, full of pirates, gamblers, thieves, etc. And boy let me tell yah, it wasn’t easy smuggling priceless jewels right under the Frogfathers nose. I love Azteca for the simple fact of its history. I love its architecture, usefulness of their environment, and advances in math and science. Also took some Armada parts that were placed there to eventually take over the Aztec land. Currently everything in my humble dormitory is worth over a million gold! My personal favorite is the golden dinosaur brazier.

Hopeful Hope Holystone
Mooshu Is The Best World Because…

Who wouldn’t love Mooshu? First, Mooshu was a connection to Wizard101, which I had spent many years playing before Pirate101 came out. To start, I love Mooshu because there is much more detail, and it just shows how much KI cares about their games, unlike other game companies that just quickly make the games so they can get money. In Mooshu there are many skilled ninja pigs trained in swashbucklery, which from giving every class a fair share of questing; Swashbucklers are by far my favorite. Mooshu has a happy mood to it because of its bright and beautiful setting, unlike worlds that are dark and gloomy such as Marleybone. This beautiful world is set on the back of a big turtle, and I love how there is another turtle inside that turtle: Marazume Castle. I enjoy the main storyline for all its creativity and all the cool companions you can get just by completing the main quest. I love how Mooshu is based off of Asia, Japan, and China because they have a strange language and I consider their world a faraway place. Since green is my favorite color I love how Mooshu has much grass and trees and flowers thriving everywhere, unlike all the tall factory buildings in Marleybone or all the technology in Valencia. Mooshu was much a turning point for all my characters, for my buccaneer it seemed to get harder for a while, and for my musketeer and swashbuckler it changed my strategy to make it so much easier all the way up to the last quest in Aquila…

Week 4
Ruthless Destiny
This bunkhouse is the most spookiest house ever. My companion Old Scratch
put a spell of this bunkhouse to be haunted with lost souls. Each of these old
 skulls represent a soul and at night you a can hear each of the souls scream out.
The old dull blue paint represents the sadness. The wall torches let you know this
place is dark. What lies beneath these graves are skeletons of things that use to be alive!!!

Watch out for the altar, this have been use for hoodoo!!!

Bloody Wesley Xavier
My bunk house is the barracks of a cursed ship. The pirates stole a treasure and brought it aboard. They did not know it was cursed. Now the pirates have all become the undead. Now their weapons break in battle, they can not eat, sleep, or obtain any more treasure. They have tried to return the treasure, but it always appears back in the barracks taunting the crew. Now anyone whose gaze falls upon this treasure is doomed to join their crew. Who will be the curses' next victim?
Happy Halloween

I pick this to show that evil is coming for all of us if we don't get ready they will come for use they hide in the shadows you must stop them with that light that is what my photo is trying to say good luck to every one and enjoy

Monday, October 7, 2013

Housing Showcase-Corwin MythCrafter

Corwin MythCrafter's relaxing palace is full of forest and the most beautiful views, like this one images above that shows the entire land.  Corwin told me this is one of his favorite views. I have to agree it's so beautiful and peaceful Just took my breath away.
Corwin had a few places that really made me smile. This top image of the flower trails up and over the land made me feel like I was on some mountain trail hiking through the forest. Once inside the house , this main room really showed all the care and details that Corwin put into his house. Thank you Corwin for allowing me to tour your wonderful Wizard101 house.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Shout Out to Tyler IronCloud

 Big shout out to Tyler IronCloud The staff looks awesome!! Your Celestia House looks great!!!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Celebrating One Year Of Pirates!!-- Decorating Contest

Themed Bunk House Decorating!!
Each Friday I will post a new theme in this topic, from Oct 4,2013 through Oct 28,2013. You will only have couple days to enter each theme. You will NOT know the theme until each Friday dates are; Oct 4 , 11th, 18th and 25th. So are you up to the challenge? Can you still make a really cool looking Bunk House?

This contest has ended.
That's right this is decorating with speed!  How fast can you decorate?

Be Creative!

Week 1 theme. From Oct 4th - Oct 7th 6 pm US Central time. Is now over winners will be posted  Oct 8th before 6 pm US central. Week 2 will be posted on Oct 11th
Decorate your Bunk House to give a great big Happy Birthday to Pirate101
Write a Birthday poem to Pirate101, that goes with your bunk house.

Week 2 theme. From Oct 11th - Oct 14th 6 pm US Central time. Is now over winners will be posted  Oct 9th before 6 pm US central. Week 3 will be posted on Oct 18th
Best thing in the spiral, comes in twos. Decorate your bunk house with 2's. 
Example: You place one hammock you will need to have 2 of them. Same for chairs, lights, sinks, ect.....

Week 3 theme. From Oct 18th - Oct 21st 6 pm US Central time. Is now over winners will be posted  Oct 22nd before 6 pm US central. Week 4 will be posted on Oct 25th
Decorate your bunk house based on your favorite world/land.
Write a paragraph explaining why this is your favorite world/land.

Week 4 theme. From Oct 25th - Oct 28th 6pm US Central time. Has ended winners will be posted  Oct 29th before 6 pm US central.
Decorate your bunk house in the most haunted/ spooky you can.
Show a Companion that would fit in your Haunted/spooky bunk house and write why this bunk house would be considered haunted/spooky.

How to enter

*Send all entries to with title "Bunk House".Along with your Pirates name such as (Perilous Paige)
*You may take up to 2 screenshots of your Bunk house to send in.
*Make sure that any added things needed such as; a paragraph, list or item are added in your entry.
* To be fair to all if you float items you must stay within the bunk house walls.
*You may only win one one of each type of prize.
* You may only enter once per week
* Please ask any question on this post.
* All eateries must be family friendly (g rated)

If you are under the age of 13 please have your parents or guardians permission to enter.

Good Luck everyone!

Thank you KingsIsle for these wonderful prizes.

3 Winners each week!!!
First place
5 Training Tomes  + 5000 Nontransferable Crowns

Second Place
3 Training Tomes + 2.500 Non-Transferable Crowns

Third Place
1 Training Tome + 1000 Non-Transferable Crowns
Week 1
Stormy Taryn Usher
Two-Faced Anne
Witty Kevin Jeeves
Week 2
Clever Allan Freeman
Sneaky Scarlet
Loyal Martin Xavier
Week 3
Dead Eye Justin
Bloody Mary
Hopeful Hope Holystone

Week 4
Ruthless Destiny
Bloody Wesley Xavier

 I would rather you not use these codes for other contests but you may give your winnings to a Friend.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Pirate Hideout--Bloody Wesley Xavier

Bloody Wesley Xavier simply describes his Pirate101 Hideouts as "The Spooky Frontiers". Wesley has so many interesting areas I had decided on these two front views to show you my readers. I simply adore the mushrooms patch and this campsite. 

I always find favorite views in the showcases and Wesley's houses was no exception. In the Witchdoctor Class house I found this under ground area that gave that spooky mystic feeling.  In Wesley's second house I found this eerie stable that just seemed like you could still feel the presence of horses still there. I hope everyone enjoys Wesley's houses has much as I did. 

Spooktacular Random Draw! -Contest

This contest has now ended. To enter send a email to Contest@PAIGEMOONSHADE.COM , along with your wizard's in-game name (such as Paige MoonShade) . 
* All you need ' Your Wizard name' and you will be entered to the random draw. No need to send more than one email your name will just be re-entered into each days drawing.
*You may only enter once
*This drawing will last until Oct 31, 2013.
*Please add title "Spooky Draw"

If you are under the age of 13  please have you parents/guardians Permission. 

Enter early for more chances to win!! 
1 random draw per day

Once you win a prize your name will be removed from drawing list for future drawings for this contest. You only need to send your name in once it will be re-entered each day.

All winners will be posted in this topic Before 5:00 PM central US the day of each drawing and prize sent out.  One winner each day!


Alric Froghunter
Sarah Star
Tristan Lifebringer
Fred DragonFlower
Samantha Shadowrider
Julia Shadowcaster
Nicholas IceSword
Keena NightHunter
Victoria Iceshard
Flint Ogresteed
Mindy OwlCaller
Joseph Ravenblade
David Silverhunter
Taylor Nightstalker
Eric Skyrider
Scarlet Wildblade
Paige Rosepetal
Gavin Storm
Ashley Life
Chris Spirit
Autumn TitanStone
Iridian Raingem
Alex SwiftSword
Anna SandWalker
Stephanie Deathsword
Zachary HawkHunter
Ellie Rose
Brandon sparklemender

____Thank you KingsIsle for these wonderful prizes____

1 Random prize from this list:
Night Wyvern
Bat Wings
Mechanical Wings
Swiftshadow Wings
Renaissance Wings
Nightmare Pet
Vampire Pet
Death Scarab Pet
Gob-O-Lantern Pet
Deer Knight
Night Hawk
Skeletal Knight
Midnight Sprite
Boar Knight
Hollow Knight
Death Leprechaun
Dark Crow

Nightmare Pack

How to redeem codes:
* Visit
* Enter your account information and click LOGIN
* Enter your unique code and press SUBMIT

*Who knows what my Twitter @PaigeMoonShade will have.  Maybe some Spooky trivia during the month? Remember you have to be following me to receive codes if you win. For twitter contests only.

 I would rather you not use these codes for other contests but you may give your winnings to a Friend. These codes expire early Nov 2013.