Monday, October 14, 2013

Wizard101 Mega Showcase-Kelly StormBreeze

Welcome to the houses of Kelly StormBreeze. When I first arrived at Kelly's houses I knew I was in for big surprises, each teleport went to a new house, you can only imagine all the fun I had viewing them all. Kelly did make sure to show me some of Her favorite places in some of the houses. Kelly describes Her houses as crafted with care you you should be able to see why I would agree with Her.
Traveling through the Wyrd House, kelly told me to head to the back in which we came to this wooded area. Omg! The spooky feel of fog and woods as you travel the road was just fantastic! Just eerie though I loved it. I was running it and Keel told me it gave a better effect on a mount. She was sure correct.

Kelly created many trails throughout her houses. This one in the above image was headed out to the moon in the Celestia House, Stunning! The below image was made in the Grizzlehiem House Through the mountains and to this amazing little area, though what got me was *cough* look up. Do you see what I see Pirates ;) Windlane!! Thank you so much Kelly for this wonder tour. Enjoy the Slideshow everyone.

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  1. Thx, Paige!
    I had a great time giving you the tour of my homes.
    You did an awesome job on this showcase, I love it!
    Thank you again Paige, see you in the spiral!


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