Saturday, November 23, 2013

Giving Thanks

Greetings Wizards,

It's that time of year when we all want to sit back and remember all the good things and give thanks.  I want to thank all my readers for always being there. You're what makes my blog so much fun love reading all the comments. So many contests ,so many winners. Thanks to all those who make the Best little Dorm in Wizard city such an amazing hit. I want to say Just thank you for being you because without all of you  these fun times in the commons would just be me , myself and I. ;) Thank you to all my Twizard and Twirate followers on Twitter, Great big hugs goes out to all. (((((Hugs))))

Thank you to Kingsisle for the most fun in 5 years gaming I could ever have. Thank you Community leaders for both games for always being there for all those crazy yet annoying questions I have. Thank you to all the Community Fansite leaders you are what makes these games so active and fun for all. Thank you to all my in game friends, you're all so special to me. Thank you Olivia and Jester for giving me my home on the internet. I still remember that very first day I logged into Central.

So many things Wizard101 and Pirate101 has given to me. The fun throughout the year, so many flash mob dances in the commons, to each party we have thrown to give something to do from just questing. Now even house tours to *whistles* Ship to ship PvP in Pirate101, *Okay,Okay  I was wishing there ;) *  Thank you Fred Howard, One Eyed Jack , Lydia Greyrose and all of Kingsisle stff for that special once in a life time gift. Hope I didn't forget anyone, sending a big thank you to everyone.

Yours Truly,
Paige MoonShade

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Pirate101 Empire Bundle-Game Stop

The Empire Bundle Includes
Emperor's Villa
Imperial Galleon
Gladiator Outfit
Imperator's Standard
Lady Centaur Companion
1 Month Membership or 5,000 Crowns
The Empire Bundle comes with so many amazing things one being this Grand Aquilian Villa. from the first landing to the hidden catacombs this villa can show off all your prized possessions won during your travels of the spiral.  Just look at that stone work! Oh and did I mention those catacombs? Grand archways with a river flowing right through.
More than housing this bundle comes with a Lady Centaur! This Musketeer sure does show off her stuff and Wow you should see those stats!! We also get Gladiator gear with a choice of tiers to choose from. Not only the house, companion, we get a ship! This mighty eagle galleon has everything ,even a Medusa placed perfectly . This bundle also comes with a  Imperator's Standard, I'm still learning about this but Kingsisle was great to offer the video below to help explain this item.

New Hive Bundle -Gamestop

The Hive Bundle Includes
Amber Estate
Bee Wing Mount
Stinger Slingshot
Stinger Armor
Bumblebee Pet
1 Month or 5,000 Crowns

Let's talk a bit about the Amber Estate,10 rooms!, homey flowing everywhere Honeycomb house and the very much fun dragonfly thrill ride, where you can receive daily gifts. When you head inside this honey comb house you get the feeling of being inside a actual beehive each rooms is made up of an internal structure of a beehive with group of hexagonal cells made of beeswax. There's even a spiral trail that leads to the very top of the hive. There are so many ideas one can do with this house though I've got a plan. ;)

Also with this bundle you receive this fun bumblebee pet, some really cool looking gear with a slingshot! There is also a bee wings mount! Shown in the first house image above. Did I mention how much fun the Dragonfly Ride inside this Amber Estate is? Just fun!!! and Try grouping with friends for a trail that really acts like a rollercoaster ride! I say KingsIsle did an amazing job on this Amber Estate

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Pirate101 Update

In Pirate101 my Buccaneer and Witchdoctor are up to Knossos, not bad I say.  My Swashbuckler is waiting Patiently for new update, NOT!  Nope I really Really want to see what all these sneaks peeks are about!
First sneak peek was in this months newsletter and the 2 images I'm posting here are from Pirate101 Facebook . First image reminds me of the old Colosseum where they would have ship to ship battles, please let this be ship to ship! Image below is of a shark wanting passage to where? I cannot wait to find out. 

Wizard101 Update Post

Greetings from test realm. I've been viewing houses since test realm opened and cannot wait to see this go live. So many wonderful houses!  I cannot wait to see how the ratings work in live realm. Made it to the lost wood in Khrysalis, story line is interesting, love the mice NPC's . Although not fancy on how hard some of the enemies are I do understand they have to get harder as we level.  I do get this weird feeling of being colonized , can you say worker bee? Wonder if I can harvest some honey for my tea later today?

Oh gardening! Now visitors do not effect your gardens!! Awesome right? I can now go to my houses and have no dead plants. One thing to keep in mind though you should visit your gardens everyday to keep them growing. Haven't been to this house in 5 days and this one EMP only has needs. Just remember to take care of them before you leave though because now you activated it. This house is also added for viewing so I can confirmed visitors don't effect your plants. That's all from test realm can't wait for live. Don't forget Harvest Hannah and the Harvest Festival soon approaches.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Lest we Forget

In remembrance to all those who severed for their Countries Wizard101 and Pirate101 is giving away a free Poppy Wreath.  From now until November 11th at Wizard101  or  Pirate101. Entering the code in one game receives for both.

To find out more about why the Red Poppy is used to remember those who served please read about Here. So I salute in remembrance all who have served for your country.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Housing ShowCase-Rowan DarkSong

Welcome to the houses of Rowan DarkSong where the details is what shows how special her houses are. When you first start to view Rowan's houses you can tell She put a lot of time into them. Rowan's Wysteria house leads the way to many other houses but today I will show 4 ; The Wysteria Prison, Island Getaway Spa retreat. Her very spooky Haunted house and Her carnival Sun Palace.
Rowan's favorite place is Her Spa retreat I can see why so very relaxing and a special getaway from all the questing and battles she does during the day. I think my favorite spot is all her houses was inside the Wysteria Prison. When you first go in all wizards need to head through the metal detector. All I can say is Brilliant! The last picture I'm showing is the Kitchen in her Death house where I decided I wasn't staying for Dinner. ;) Thank you Rowan for all the wonderful tours. I hope everyone enjoys them as much as I did.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

November Newsletter- Pirate101

Another month has gone by and Pirates we survived the October Haunting. Now it's time to move on to November. You can read the whole November newsletter Here. Ill give you a few spotlights.

Rouges Gallery About Ol' Fish Eye

Completely Barmy!
Bonnie Anne: “The Ancient Ones aren’t the only ones who’ve gone. He’s gone . . . gone completely barmy, Captain!”