Thursday, November 7, 2013

Housing ShowCase-Rowan DarkSong

Welcome to the houses of Rowan DarkSong where the details is what shows how special her houses are. When you first start to view Rowan's houses you can tell She put a lot of time into them. Rowan's Wysteria house leads the way to many other houses but today I will show 4 ; The Wysteria Prison, Island Getaway Spa retreat. Her very spooky Haunted house and Her carnival Sun Palace.
Rowan's favorite place is Her Spa retreat I can see why so very relaxing and a special getaway from all the questing and battles she does during the day. I think my favorite spot is all her houses was inside the Wysteria Prison. When you first go in all wizards need to head through the metal detector. All I can say is Brilliant! The last picture I'm showing is the Kitchen in her Death house where I decided I wasn't staying for Dinner. ;) Thank you Rowan for all the wonderful tours. I hope everyone enjoys them as much as I did.

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