Saturday, November 16, 2013

New Hive Bundle -Gamestop

The Hive Bundle Includes
Amber Estate
Bee Wing Mount
Stinger Slingshot
Stinger Armor
Bumblebee Pet
1 Month or 5,000 Crowns

Let's talk a bit about the Amber Estate,10 rooms!, homey flowing everywhere Honeycomb house and the very much fun dragonfly thrill ride, where you can receive daily gifts. When you head inside this honey comb house you get the feeling of being inside a actual beehive each rooms is made up of an internal structure of a beehive with group of hexagonal cells made of beeswax. There's even a spiral trail that leads to the very top of the hive. There are so many ideas one can do with this house though I've got a plan. ;)

Also with this bundle you receive this fun bumblebee pet, some really cool looking gear with a slingshot! There is also a bee wings mount! Shown in the first house image above. Did I mention how much fun the Dragonfly Ride inside this Amber Estate is? Just fun!!! and Try grouping with friends for a trail that really acts like a rollercoaster ride! I say KingsIsle did an amazing job on this Amber Estate


  1. I think I was at your Amber Estate yesterday. There was a wooden sign that said "Welcome to Paige. Moonshade's castle".

  2. Looks awesome!!!!!! I want this bundle SO much, but my GameStop doesn't get the bundles until like a week after they are released :(. Idk why, but they never have them on time. I have been calling like everyday since I found out about those bundles; the GameStop employees probably think I'm crazy LOL.


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