Saturday, November 16, 2013

Pirate101 Empire Bundle-Game Stop

The Empire Bundle Includes
Emperor's Villa
Imperial Galleon
Gladiator Outfit
Imperator's Standard
Lady Centaur Companion
1 Month Membership or 5,000 Crowns
The Empire Bundle comes with so many amazing things one being this Grand Aquilian Villa. from the first landing to the hidden catacombs this villa can show off all your prized possessions won during your travels of the spiral.  Just look at that stone work! Oh and did I mention those catacombs? Grand archways with a river flowing right through.
More than housing this bundle comes with a Lady Centaur! This Musketeer sure does show off her stuff and Wow you should see those stats!! We also get Gladiator gear with a choice of tiers to choose from. Not only the house, companion, we get a ship! This mighty eagle galleon has everything ,even a Medusa placed perfectly . This bundle also comes with a  Imperator's Standard, I'm still learning about this but Kingsisle was great to offer the video below to help explain this item.


  1. In your opinion, Paige, which is better: this bundle or Hive bundle? Like, if you were going to buy one and only one, which would you get? Thanks!

    1. That depends on which game you play more. I do more housing on Wizard101. and ships on Pirate101 so they are both good. Myself ? I would get the hive bundle. Just because I do more housing on Wizard101

  2. Ok thanks Paige :). I play both games a lot, but the Hive Bundle's house looks really cool and I love decorating too, so I'll go with that.

  3. Hey paige according to you which is better the hoodoo bundle or the empire bundle?


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