Thursday, November 14, 2013

Wizard101 Update Post

Greetings from test realm. I've been viewing houses since test realm opened and cannot wait to see this go live. So many wonderful houses!  I cannot wait to see how the ratings work in live realm. Made it to the lost wood in Khrysalis, story line is interesting, love the mice NPC's . Although not fancy on how hard some of the enemies are I do understand they have to get harder as we level.  I do get this weird feeling of being colonized , can you say worker bee? Wonder if I can harvest some honey for my tea later today?

Oh gardening! Now visitors do not effect your gardens!! Awesome right? I can now go to my houses and have no dead plants. One thing to keep in mind though you should visit your gardens everyday to keep them growing. Haven't been to this house in 5 days and this one EMP only has needs. Just remember to take care of them before you leave though because now you activated it. This house is also added for viewing so I can confirmed visitors don't effect your plants. That's all from test realm can't wait for live. Don't forget Harvest Hannah and the Harvest Festival soon approaches.

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