Monday, December 9, 2013

A Scalawag Christmas

Twas t' night before a scalawag Christmas, all through t' spiral, t' Ships were docked all guns were peaceful.

T' huts and hideouts were decorated with care, All hopin' Santa Frog would soon be thar.
No drink'n and fight'n t' pirates battles were lessor, so presents could be wrapped t' give all t' treaaye.

When out in t' skyways arose such a clatter,I grab up me cutlass t' see what's da matter. Down t' t' docks I ran in a dash, starboard t' me ship, I sailed in a flash.

Through t' skyway on windlanes ,to find all t' excitement. Landin' at Jonah Town only t' find a miniature raft, and eight tiny Noelephants. With a red suited Cap'in, smilin' in t' fog , I knew in a moment it must be Santa frog .

More static than lightin' bats his movements came,then he shouted, callin' each Noelephant by name!Now Boochbeard! now Gandry! now, Catbeard and Deacon!On Jack! On Mordekai! on Vadima and Morgan! Over t' top o' Jonah town t' Flotsam Skyway! Now sail away! sail away! sail away all!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays From Paige MoonShade

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  1. Just brilliant. I love it. Such a delightful sense of humor. Well done. Beyond well done. You made me giggle and I am always grateful for that precious gift. *Bows to with a perfectly executed flourish of the hat*


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