Saturday, December 21, 2013

Congratulations Holiday What is that?-- Winners

Congratulations Winners!!!
Top 20 
15 through 6 correct!!
Duncan StormThief
Katherine NightSong
Talon ShadowHorn 
Julia Shadowcaster
Diana Anglehunter
Aaron Stone
Michael DrakeStrider
Allan Firebreath
Anthony StarWraith
Megan Moon
Richard Dark
Nicholas Rubyshard
Kevin Winterstone
Gavin Stardust
Megan stormrider
Moira Watermancer
Diana Silverflame

Ready to see what the images were???
Here you go!
1 Holiday tree in commons

2 Stinkweed in Colossus Blvd

3 Yardbired

4 Professor Greyrose Hat

5 Blue crystal inside the purple statues 

6 Muncher Gobbler 

7 Wrecked boats in Wintertusk

8 Snow covered mountains Mooshu

9 Well of Spirits Krokotopia

10 inactive Protector in district of stars

11 Pillar Frost school Wysteria

12 ribbon from Spiral gift

13 Fire elf tree village tree

14 flower port tin Azteca

15 Felix Navidad


  1. I have a problem with #5, those statue disappear when you finish Khrysalis. So did we have to remember it or something? :| Cause many people could've missed out the prize cause of that...

    1. You don't always have to find them in game. But yes you would of had to remember those. Because that is where the picture was taken

  2. one problem these random things are really random? XD cause i always get the least prize means the lowest but still thx nice contests i always join this kind of contests cause it has high rate to win THX ALLOT PAIGE TAKE CARE OF YOUR SELF

    1. Yes the prizes are completely random. I have no clue which amount is in which code. and Thank you.


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