Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pirate101 Rewards From Dueling Diego

This contest has now ended.
Ahoy Pirates!!

KingsIsle has announced that Dueling Diego at FreeKI Games is now offering Pirate101 rewards!! Don't worry Wizards you can still get Wizard101 rewards from other FreeKI Games, Sorcery Stones, Doodle Dug and Grub Guardian.

In honor of this new release , I'll be giving away 10- Tier 7 reward codes , this means each code will have 5000 gold plus one item. 

Random Draw

Take a screenshot of your best score from playing Dueling Diego at FreeKI Games and send it to Contest@paigemoonshade.com. I will draw one winner per day for 10 days.

You may only enter once
Make sure to add your Pirate name (such as Perilous Paige) to your email.
Title the email Dueling Diego.
There are only 10 winners One per day from Now to Feb 6th
Each drawing will happen before 6:00 pm Us Central time each day.
To win you must have your Pirate name and image of your highest score playing Dueling Diego.

If you're under the age of 13 please ask you parents or guardians permission to enter.

I would rather you not use these codes for other contests but you may give your winnings to a Friend.
Bloody Wesley Xavier score 720
Dark Oran Randal score 15,190
Robert Devereaux score 5,720
Kaitlyn Everhart score 2,070
Daring Abigail Jellico score 5,440
Captain Daniel West score 22,950
David Everhart score 6,550
Silver Ben Silver score 30,870
Patrick score 4,090
Matthew score 5,280

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