Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tapestry Winners

Congratulations!! Winners
This Post is for posting of the Winners of Paige's Page Tapestry Giveaway

Contest 1 Tapestry Draw Winners

One daily
Madeline - Fiona DuskDreamer-Dustin Shadowfist
Jack Moonflower - Diana - Evan Dawnglen
Padric RoseRunner - Dustin Stone - Vanessa Hexstone
Marissa DragonTail - Nicholas GoldSmith - Karic Stormflame
Alexander NightHunter  -  Andrew Windmask - Fred DragonFlower
Ellie IceDust - Evan DeathBlade - Brynn Moonmender
David Silverhunter - Daniel Firestone
Roslyn - Danielle Dawngarden
Corwin Mythcrafter - Heather StarBlade
Alex Fireblade - Sophia Lifecaster
Danielle UnicornCoin - Iridian Sparklepants
Artur Lightblade - Esmee Stormweaver
Matthew SparklePants - Haley
Matthew Shadowblade - Justin Legend
Talon Talon - Daniel Dragonhunter
Dylan Lioneyes - Blaze FireBlade
Jenna Ironthorn  - Morgrim Winterbringer
Anthony Sky - Fred Boom 
Kane Deathbringer - Aaron TitanCaster
Wolf - John Thundermask
Wolf Nighthammer - Jordan Goldrider
Devin Goldspear - Arlen Sanddust
Alexander Wraith -  Tabitha Stormcaster
Ellie Ravengem - Angel LightEyes
Kestrel Ghosthunter - Lucas Dragonslinger
Christo - Tyler SpiritHunter
Grace Dreamweaver - Tasha Stormwalker
Andrea Shadowflame - Molly Moondust
Hunter Titanwraith - Savannah DragonWhisper
Andrew Frosthunter - Jacob Stormsword
Mark DeathMask - Oran RedLeaf
Katie Windsong - Kristen Nighthunter
Hunter Hawkstaff - Destiny
Wolf  - Cori Blood
Scarlet Summer - Digby Deathrider
Patrick Ravenblood  - Tavia Fireflower
Fallon SwiftHunter - Autumn Ghosthunter Anna Dragonwhisper -
Riley Darkpyre - Hunter DawnFlame  Autumn Summersong-
Hunter Darksword- Jenna SwiftGem
Destiny Pyre - Tasha Soulthief Alex Lion -
Blaze Legendslinger - Madison Skywalker

Contest 2 Reverse Caption
One winner for each caption 
 Starting Wednesday Feburary 5th
Week 1

Katherine Winterheart
You can't unscramble an egg.
Lucas Crow

I am the shore where the waves break in rainbows
David Silverhunter
Lydia Greyrose like popsicles for breakfast
Blaze FireBlade
An overfull backpack is littering.
Rylee RainbowBlade

Week 2
1. Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle
Hannah Stormblossom
2. Nothing like a barrel of monkeys
Angela ShadowGarden
3. They don't call me evil for nothing.
4.  Dancing can bring peace to a worried mind
5. Well, I didn't see that coming.
Kane TitanBlade

1.What's the worst that can happen? 
Nicholas GoldSmith
2.Some like it hot.
Brahm Summer
5. I live in my own little world. But its ok, they know me here.
Christina DarkFlower
Because only 3 captions used we have 2 extras caption winners
1. What's the worst that can happen? 
Vanessa Mythdust

2. Some like it hot.
Oran Nightbringer

Week 4
3. Getting there is half the fun.
Nicholas GoldSmith


  1. Wow!
    Thank you so much for hosting this contest!

  2. Thank you Paige! :)
    -Nicholas GoldSmith

  3. Yay yay I won a tapestry. Thanks so much. Great days in the Spiral to everyone!


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