Thursday, January 23, 2014

Wizard Update

Let's see where am I in Wizard101 , Khrysalis Part 1 pass the Hunter Dungeon which was so much was fun, Few mobs battles then this Hunter at the end. He was hard but no match for my balance and fire, the hunter going down in just a few rounds. If Wizards do have troubles with this boss Wizard101 Central has some very good guides Here. I got to fly on a dragon fly which I didn't expect at all and now I'm at the Brood Mother. 

Wizard101 test realm is open right now for some upkeep and fixing of a few bugs Check all notes Here. The one update i was happy about is the Music box has gotten its sounds back :D Thank you KI. Other than that just minor fixes and updates. 

Oh and if you follow me on Twitter I have been doing a few giveaways for crowns codes with housing  in the form of What is this house/housing item. Please remember you must be following me to receive  codes through your Direct messages


  1. Is there a way i could earn a crown code? I really need some crowns in prepare to buy the khrysalis part 2 areas and do some tourneys for my long loved gorilla mount.

    1. I'm doing giveaways on twitter. Most are in a form of a game so everyone has a chance to play


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