Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wizard101 Test Realm- February 26 2014

Team Up
If your having troubles finding help with dungeons you're now able to click the team up at the sigils to get that most wanted help you desire. It can take a bit of a wait in test realm but I'm sure in live realm it will be much easier to find teams.
Next up is dungeon recall. If your defeated , find yourself low on mana or simply need to head somewhere teleport to the commons or your house and you will be able to return to your dungeon, as long as your within the time limit. Don't flee though because fleeing still takes all your mana.

Button has been added to the “Press X to Enter” window of *most* dungeon sigils. Here are a few that are listed.
Sunken City in Wizard City & Waterworks
Emperor's Retreat in Krokotopia's_Retreat
Big Ben in Marleybone
Tree of Life in MooShu
The Great Spyre in Dragonspyre
The Chancel in Celestia
The Black Palace in Zafaria
Ghost Avalon in Avalon
Glimmering Chamber in Azteca
Nastrond in Grizzleheim
Tower of the Helephant in Wysteria

Plus a sneak peek of Khrysalis part 2 Crescent Beach

The BunkHouse- Decorating on a Budget.

Ahoy Pirates,

Remember this place? The very first place you can keep all yer loot you pick up from your battles? Well today, I'm going to teach you how to decorate on a budget. You already have the main items; hammock, table ,stool, light, rug and a pirate flag. Well lets go check out the bazaar and see what we can get for less than 1000 gold to complete this bunk house.

So what do I need? Wall paper and flooring, Oh look ,Skull Island Cave floor and either tan brick or cave walls? Lets go cave. Both at 25 gold each makes 50. Remember we are not going over 1000 gold.

 Next up furniture, we already have the basics but lets add some special items. If you click the amount tab you will find all those fantastic lowest prized items.  Remember we got cave walls and floor so let's go with that cave feeling, How about a tent for 225, this would bring our total to 275. Now to add a couple plants at 50 each. 
Every Pirate needs weapons grab a few of those at 50 each. Now up to 525. I even got some misc food items for 10-20 each rounding my total at 605 gold. I'm really hoping for a campfire to finish off the 1000, Hunting the first few skull island shops might help with that. Rapa Nui for 150 gold was a steal! Misc other items to round off 915 total,. Oh and let's not forget out free drops like the loot pile. Let's decorate!
See I have my basic cave scene. Not bad for under 1000 gold. So many things can be done with a Bunk house from little basic rooms, loot warehouses to fancy rooms. Here are a few other posts I did for Bunk house decorating. Let's Talk Pirate101 Furniture , Bunk House Decorating Pt 2 and Advanced Bunk House Decorating. Hope everyone enjoyed this segment. See ya in the skyways!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Pirate101 Mini Update

Ahoy Pirates,
Let me see where am I in the game. My Swashbuckler is through Aquila and just about have my Witchdoctor through. I'll be starting on a Musketeer once my Witchdoctor is done. My Buccaneer is halted in Aquila, at least till I figure get through a Musketeer.

I did find some interesting piece of news I haven't known before The ship from the Hoodoo Bundle is dye-able!! Yeah okay you might of known this but just learned this piece of information this weekend, of course I went purple ;) All pieces except for the sails are dyeable. I do wish the sails were , come on They would really looks awesome purple ;) or even a lt blue.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Finishing Khrysalis Part one, Plus Housing

 Greetings Wizards, 

It was a very busy weekend trying to get all the way through Khrysalis. With some help from Hunter BlueRider  and some very nice Wizards I met along the way I finished the whole of Part one. Lots of interesting and with allot of Wizard101 humor , I have to say the last part of Khrysalis pt1 was very fun.
I had some serious buggy issues going on, can I have a EEEWWW? Ghost Dog both battles were fantastic and so much much. I found using my mana burn and no shields worked very well. I even got to have a bit of that Alice in wonderland feel . ;) Oh and all the new gardening spells from Barley.
 I have a couple houses to showcase. Here are 3 amazing decorators and one image each. I hope everyone enjoyed this update. I'm so ready for the next step for my Balance and Fire wizard. See you around the spiral. Here are the houses.
This dorm room is simply amazing! 2 levels and the Celestial table makes for a great lighting fixture.
How about some rug patchwork? It made this house really stand out for me.So pretty!
A cute frozen kitchen , it has everything a Ice Wizard could use.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day from me to you.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Introducing The Hoodoo bundle

The Hoodoo Bundle Available at Walmart for only 29.00!!
Check out Hoodoo Bundle Promo page Here

Friday, February 7, 2014

Friendship Festival Starts Today!

Friendship Festival has begun with Valentina returning to the spiral with all her fun ,heart shaped items.  So don't forget to visit Valentina before she leaves the spiral.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Rouge's Gallery Gracie Conrad

Gracie Conrad is one of my favorite companions from Marleybone.  I remember meeting Gracie in Wizard101 Celestia. So happy that she is now on my Pirate101 I love the way she swings her wrench and lets not forget about her war bot. That thing is a Tank!

Something else posted today in Feburary newsletter  was teh image of  a new staircase leading up to Avery's office??? Interesting.