Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Finishing Khrysalis Part one, Plus Housing

 Greetings Wizards, 

It was a very busy weekend trying to get all the way through Khrysalis. With some help from Hunter BlueRider  and some very nice Wizards I met along the way I finished the whole of Part one. Lots of interesting and with allot of Wizard101 humor , I have to say the last part of Khrysalis pt1 was very fun.
I had some serious buggy issues going on, can I have a EEEWWW? Ghost Dog both battles were fantastic and so much much. I found using my mana burn and no shields worked very well. I even got to have a bit of that Alice in wonderland feel . ;) Oh and all the new gardening spells from Barley.
 I have a couple houses to showcase. Here are 3 amazing decorators and one image each. I hope everyone enjoyed this update. I'm so ready for the next step for my Balance and Fire wizard. See you around the spiral. Here are the houses.
This dorm room is simply amazing! 2 levels and the Celestial table makes for a great lighting fixture.
How about some rug patchwork? It made this house really stand out for me.So pretty!
A cute frozen kitchen , it has everything a Ice Wizard could use.


  1. What is the name of that counter over there O:

    1. Crafted- Bevelled Corner Counter

  2. Great job! Haha I love those dorms. I have just gotten into decorating dorms myself :]


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