Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wizard101 Test Realm- February 26 2014

Team Up
If your having troubles finding help with dungeons you're now able to click the team up at the sigils to get that most wanted help you desire. It can take a bit of a wait in test realm but I'm sure in live realm it will be much easier to find teams.
Next up is dungeon recall. If your defeated , find yourself low on mana or simply need to head somewhere teleport to the commons or your house and you will be able to return to your dungeon, as long as your within the time limit. Don't flee though because fleeing still takes all your mana.

Button has been added to the “Press X to Enter” window of *most* dungeon sigils. Here are a few that are listed.
Sunken City in Wizard City & Waterworks
Emperor's Retreat in Krokotopia's_Retreat
Big Ben in Marleybone
Tree of Life in MooShu
The Great Spyre in Dragonspyre
The Chancel in Celestia
The Black Palace in Zafaria
Ghost Avalon in Avalon
Glimmering Chamber in Azteca
Nastrond in Grizzleheim
Tower of the Helephant in Wysteria

Plus a sneak peek of Khrysalis part 2 Crescent Beach

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