Monday, March 17, 2014

Housing Showcase- Luke Fireheart's Serenity Villa

 Luke always has some of the most amazing houses , this is one of his newest I called it Serenity Villa. This Royal Playhouse has been transformed   into a peaceful getaway from all the quests and battles. It even has a shower! Love the running water. You can see it in the slideshow.
One of my favorite views is this area where you travel into the playhouse. It's so very pretty the images doesn't do it justice. The new area I had fun with was , well was with his dog. This dog did everything in it's power now to let me get a image of him sitting in front of the fire place. Ha! Showed that dog. 

The last two images are of Luke's favorite area. He explain because it was the hardest to create I can see why , how perfect is that double bed? I know how hard it is to get things just right, those details mean alot. Thank you Luke for another great tour! Hope everyone enjoys the slideshow.

 Luke also updated a few of his older houses so if you get a chance check them out in tours. Here's the first showcase I did you can see the change from this image to the showcase

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