Sunday, March 16, 2014

Second Annual Bunk House Winners!!

Congratulations winners!!!!

Grand Prize
Hoodoo Bundle
Sensible Ivy Nesbit
The “The Luck of a Pirate” sure is with Sensible Ive Nesbit. She is having a wondrous time journeying the skyways where tall ships fly in endless skies braving the Stormgates of the Spiral. She has gained untold riches in battles between the Marleybone's Royal Navy, Pirate lords and other vast characters through out her adventurers. If you look closely you can see some of her prizes captured in these two screen shots. Her most prized treasure is “The Golden Chicken,” together they sound magical as one sings and the other plays the piano. 

Second Place 
Empire Bundle
Silver Pearl
The luck of the Irish is on my side, 
When I sail the spiral far and wide.
Collecting bounty from many places,
I see a lot of friendly faces. 
Sailing the skies is the best life for me,
I am the luckiest by far, as you can see. 
To live the life I love the best,
And collecting all those treasure chests!! 

Third Place
Cutthroat Bundle
Fearless Jack

I, Fearless Jack and wise Witchdoctor, have the “Luck of a Pirate” here in my bunk house. It is a place I set up for weary pirates to stop and rest. Hum, that is if they are willing to pay a small fee for my hospitality while awaiting their travel orders to far off places in the spiral.  As you can see it has a vase amount of space for their luggage along the walls and a gaming table for them to stay entertained at while I line my pockets with gold.  Along with a few sofas and chairs surrounding a large foot stool so these lucky pirates can throw their feet up and just relax.  I have hung a few horseshoes on the wall to bring good fortune to those who enter this bunk house. But it is said only horseshoes that are right side up are meant to bring good luck, upside down might bring you bad luck so be careful if you plan an extended visited here with me. Bahahaha!!!!

8 Honorable Mentions
5000 Crowns
Brave Erik Jordan
Merciless Bart Sheffield 
Bloody Wesley Xavier
Crazy Ashley Moone
Witty Seamus Silver
Dark Zane
Fair Beau Bowman
Brave Allison Kidd

7 Random Draws
2500 Crowns
Fearless Alyssa Dove
Crazy Ryan Upham
Darcy Maxwell
Allan Stevenson
Dark Colin Holystone
Red Brom Hawkins
Noble Anthony Dodger

All prizes have been awarded

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