Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Companions Tasks New Talents + Rewards

AhoyPirates! I know, I'm not much into pet training Thought the pet arena is brilliant on KI's part. This will something to do during the downtime of no quests updates. Don' get me wrong pets are fun and much easier to train on Pirate101, I just haven't found that one puuurfect pet that makes me want to train. Hint puuurfect :P

Okay lets talk about why I'm posting today, Companions. Companions are a part of yer pirate crew and have become more active than ever. You can now send your companions out to find gold, loot,xp, pet gear plus snacks and if your sailing xp for your Pirate. 

When choosing a tasks it gives you time lots of how long till your Companion returns. This can be anywhere from a few minutes to many days, although I think 17 days is a bit much. The way to prevent the 17 days is to split up your companions. Send a few to each type of task this will allow them to return in a reasonable amount of time.
I sent all my companions to plunderin and scavengin. I did this to see what all they brought back to me , below is an image of just a few items and gold amounts.  Which I sold all the gear for around 5000, not a bad amount for not even being in game. ;) My Nephew trained his companion with pet wrangling and got back a couple pets one being the coconut crawlie. 

 So this makes me wonder If I trained my Companion as a plunderer or a scavenger ,what type of amazing items could they bring back to me? Among plundering and scavenging there are a few talents you can train your companion for   I posted a few in the images below. See ye in the skyways.

Favorite Wizard101 updates & Public Gaming with Eliza Windspar

We all know Kr pt2 is out with all it's amazing battles and scenery is just Wow! I have been crafting all the furniture pieces that bumblers and barrows have out there. Just love them. I'll show a images of some of them below. You can see all these crafted pieces and more at my Treetop Getaway in the housing tours.

let's talk about some of my other favorites check out this awesome new hair style for my life wizard, She is wearing the new taffy style in the crowns shop. I think this is one of my all time favorites. Look even purple looks amazing! I also like the Licorice is a very fun style. I have seen so many Gumdrop too. Oh and I simply love the new Sabertooth pets!

Now for castle fun. I tried out Eliza WindSpar's new gaming , She is where you find Myrella Windspar in housing tours, after all they're sisters. She allows the owner of the house to open their house to the public and play games. I did this tag game where at one time I had over 55 players playing tag! It was Elftastic. `

Things to know; Only the owner can make a housing game public. Only the owner can turn off a mini game. If the game finishes it will no longer be shown on Eliza's tours, the owner will need to start a new public game.  Housing Guest & Host Etiquette still applies. 
1. Turn off teleporting ,unless the owner says it is okay to leave them on. Remember these game are public there's really no need to have your ports turn on.

2. Be polite, remember you are a guest in this persons home.

3. Treat other guests and host in house, with respect. Please remember this is a G rated family game. Let's keep it this away.

4. If you are sent away, it's not okay to port back and call the owner/guest names.

5. When the host says its time to go, please kindly respect the owner wishes.

1. Be polite, and respectful even if the guests get out of hand.

2. If you don't want other players porting and not using the game tours remind your guest to turn off porting. Your house doesn't have to be in housing tours to have a open game.

3. If you find people acting in a improper manner use the send away feature,  also please use the report button if really needed.

4. Have fun with the games. Remind players to let you the owner turn on games so they're seen in the tours. Ask what games players want to play next.

5. When your tired or event is over make sure everyone knows its time to go. If guests refuse to leave use the send away feature, its there for a reason. If you don't mind them staying please remind them games will no longer be view in public tours.

Most of all have fun. We had so much fun the other night. I can't wait to hold another public game tour.

So happy I can now see that players are visiting my houses. It makes me feel good about them.

Friday, April 25, 2014

My favorite test realm pets- Pirate101 test

As we wait for Pirate101 test to go live , I have been in Wizard101 battling my way through KRpt2 and all the housing for new update.. For Pirate101 I want to talk about these 2 adorable pets I found in the Pet arena. The black cat in the above picture and the hedgehog in the below picture. These 2 I would love to see in game. Also Did you know that Pet and mounts will soon run free in your P101 houses? Time to bring some life to them. ;)] So many other pets I saw I would love though these are my favorite.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Wizard101 Test goes live!

Questing through Kr part 2 we have to battle this strange looking fellow The Ant Lion Trapper. I kept thinking to myself is this odd looking bug really something to do with real life? As I was searching the web I found the Ant lion . So you tell me does he look like it? What are your thoughts. I think so, though I love Wizard101 making him look much prettier. ;)

 I made Promethean Crafter!! Bought all but 6 of the new furniture recipes now. Treetop getaway is crafted. I will post more about it after I decorate. Well all for now I thought the Ant lion was really interesting.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Introducing The Bunny Mount- Wizard101

Introducing the Prismatic Hare and Caerbannog Rabbit mounts just in time for easter!! These adorable mounts wont be around forever! In the crowned shop Hare is 4500 and rabbit is 3750. Oh and Eggbert is back with all his Easter items!

Special thank you to Johnny for the render and video!!  

Pirate101 Test realm- Aquila Furniture

Ahoy Pirates with this round of test realm we have advanced pets and advanced companions, Though awesome and everyone is talking about them I would rather talk about the Aquila housing items coming to live. Go to Nova Aquila  inside The Agora to find the housing vendor.

Sergius Orata sells a variety of housing items from; statues, pillars, gates, tents to misc urns and vases. Even some fancy candle holders to bring a grand design to any house. I do wish we had more paper , flooring and plant life from Aqulia , as always this is a great start. 

 I bought this one tablet that can go on a table or stand , as I got a closer look it had words on it so I translated them " The fates lead the willing and drag the unwilling" what an interesting saying.  In all the Aquila furniture is very beautiful and very grand. 
The fates lead The willing and drag the unwilling.

 I forgot to mention pets and mounts can now roam free in your Pirate101 house!!  That's right you can now have movement in your houses to bring them to life. See ye in the skyways.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Color me Jack- Winners!!

So many talented pirates out in the spiral. 
One Eyed Jack has never been so colorful. 
Congratulations Winners!!

Top 2

Bloody Lola Sawkins

Lenora Vaughn

15 Random draws
Reckless Suri Silver
Dark Colin Holystone
Fearless Jose Capstan
Bloody Belle 
Rashida Ivey
Michael Yate


Fiery Autumn
Fearless Dino

Merciless Samuel Dennis

Crafty Eric Hawkins

Strong Carlyle Cranston

Sly Felix Devereaux
Because we had so many amazing entries here are and believe me I wish I had enough codes to give to everyone. Here are:
Honorable Mentions
1 random prize from this list
Random Springtime Pet

1500 Crowns
Practical Austin Worley
Crazy Ryan Upham

Silent Calamity Ward
Captain Tiffany This is Pikachu's trainer, One Eyed Jack!

All winners have been emailed

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Color me Jack -Springtime Giveaway

Color me Jack Contest is to take the One Eyed Jack coloring page and color it, much as I did in the banner for this contest. How would you like One Eyed Jack to look? This contest starts April 5, 2014 ends April 12,2014. 6pm US Central Time.

Contest has ended. Winners posted HERE.

How to Enter:
* Take this One Eyed Jack coloring page HERE and color it. How? That's up to you. (Just don't change the orginal outline)
* Email your finished coloring page to along with your Pirate name , such as ( Perilous Paige) by April 12,2014 6pm US central time. Please make sure to have the email title has Color Me Jack as title. 
*Never send your username or password
If you are under the age of 13 please have your parents or guardians permission
Thank you KingsIsle for these wonder prizes


Top 2 entries will receive
 1. Hoodoo Cornelius Companion from the HooDoo Bundle
1. Witchdoctor’s Lab from the HooDoo Bundle
1. Random Springtime Pet - here
1. 1500 Crowns code

15 Random draws!!
Each draw will receive a random prize from this list
Witchdoctor’s Lab
Random Springtime Pet
1500 Crowns

These codes may be redeemed at

Friday, April 4, 2014

Test Realm - Khrysalis Part 2 & Housing!!!

Wizards can now reach the maximum of level 100!
Increased that your wizard can carry! 
New School Pets!
New weapons!
New spells!
New Shadow Creatures and much much more!
Khrysalis part 2 contains three separate Premium Zones at 1995 each.
Oh! did I mention New housing items and house!!!!!

That's right Wizards we have a new house to craft!! The Treetop Getaway is an amazing twist and turn of tree branches that spiral up and through this house. This house has four rooms 3 gazebos and many landings including those much needed areas for your gardens. I'm still crafting the pieces of this house just cannot wait to get my hands on decorating it.

1 braided vine
3 sparse frond
40 mist wood
6 azteca scaffolding
8 azteca archways
4 azteca kiln
10 dino pillar
2 amber
The Treetop getaway recipe can be purchased from the Cantares Five Flowers in Azteca, Saltmeadow Swamp. This recipe will be one of those that all crafters will be showing off they created as it takes a bit of work but going to be so worth every minute. We even have new regents in Khrysalis Part 2, one being this Comet tail shown below. New Reagent bundles in crowned shop!, Yes! I so need those. Oh!, and did I mention this house comes with its very own tag game! I took so many pictures of this house I placed them in a collage at the end of this post. Enjoy! 
Next up w have gaming tours. Meet Eliza Windspar , Myrella's sister. She has joined her sister in housing tours to play games! I was able to test this some and you can see how players can see  the houses show up in Eliza's tours. 
                              When the owner of a house starts a housing game such as Zeke's Scavenger Hunt or Tag, they will see a button to make the game public. This means that other people will be able to play that game at your house just by selecting it from Eliza Windspar's menu. 
 Myrella Windspar had a update to tours, you now need 50 items inside and outside to be able to add your house to the tours. You also can see how much more time your house has left in tours with how many visitors you have had. Remember to rate those houses so people can see how many visited though.
To find out more about all these updates check out Wizard101. I can say I'm very impressed.I know you will be too! See you in test realm Monday - Friday.