Sunday, April 13, 2014

Color me Jack- Winners!!

So many talented pirates out in the spiral. 
One Eyed Jack has never been so colorful. 
Congratulations Winners!!

Top 2

Bloody Lola Sawkins

Lenora Vaughn

15 Random draws
Reckless Suri Silver
Dark Colin Holystone
Fearless Jose Capstan
Bloody Belle 
Rashida Ivey
Michael Yate


Fiery Autumn
Fearless Dino

Merciless Samuel Dennis

Crafty Eric Hawkins

Strong Carlyle Cranston

Sly Felix Devereaux
Because we had so many amazing entries here are and believe me I wish I had enough codes to give to everyone. Here are:
Honorable Mentions
1 random prize from this list
Random Springtime Pet

1500 Crowns
Practical Austin Worley
Crazy Ryan Upham

Silent Calamity Ward
Captain Tiffany This is Pikachu's trainer, One Eyed Jack!

All winners have been emailed


  1. Hi Paige i was wondering why i didnt get pick when i took time to color it not paint program it i think its fair if you guys give the prize to people who really colored it and not just use paint program on the picture. I think i wasted all my time for nothing and i didnt get picked but the one name Strong Carlyle Cransto gets picked and mine was way better this that is messed up.

    1. Pardon? The top 2 were voted on and all the rest were random draws. I'm truly sorry your name wasn't picked

  2. Thanks Paige, i got what i wanted, witchdoctor's lab :D

  3. Awesome I was 1 of the lucky 15! Thank you Paige I got a spring time buffaloon pet!

  4. Did you ever get mine?
    Whiffy lucas burke. i don't think i recieved a conformation email.


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