Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Favorite Wizard101 updates & Public Gaming with Eliza Windspar

We all know Kr pt2 is out with all it's amazing battles and scenery is just Wow! I have been crafting all the furniture pieces that bumblers and barrows have out there. Just love them. I'll show a images of some of them below. You can see all these crafted pieces and more at my Treetop Getaway in the housing tours.

let's talk about some of my other favorites check out this awesome new hair style for my life wizard, She is wearing the new taffy style in the crowns shop. I think this is one of my all time favorites. Look even purple looks amazing! I also like the Licorice is a very fun style. I have seen so many Gumdrop too. Oh and I simply love the new Sabertooth pets!

Now for castle fun. I tried out Eliza WindSpar's new gaming , She is where you find Myrella Windspar in housing tours, after all they're sisters. She allows the owner of the house to open their house to the public and play games. I did this tag game where at one time I had over 55 players playing tag! It was Elftastic. `

Things to know; Only the owner can make a housing game public. Only the owner can turn off a mini game. If the game finishes it will no longer be shown on Eliza's tours, the owner will need to start a new public game.  Housing Guest & Host Etiquette still applies. 
1. Turn off teleporting ,unless the owner says it is okay to leave them on. Remember these game are public there's really no need to have your ports turn on.

2. Be polite, remember you are a guest in this persons home.

3. Treat other guests and host in house, with respect. Please remember this is a G rated family game. Let's keep it this away.

4. If you are sent away, it's not okay to port back and call the owner/guest names.

5. When the host says its time to go, please kindly respect the owner wishes.

1. Be polite, and respectful even if the guests get out of hand.

2. If you don't want other players porting and not using the game tours remind your guest to turn off porting. Your house doesn't have to be in housing tours to have a open game.

3. If you find people acting in a improper manner use the send away feature,  also please use the report button if really needed.

4. Have fun with the games. Remind players to let you the owner turn on games so they're seen in the tours. Ask what games players want to play next.

5. When your tired or event is over make sure everyone knows its time to go. If guests refuse to leave use the send away feature, its there for a reason. If you don't mind them staying please remind them games will no longer be view in public tours.

Most of all have fun. We had so much fun the other night. I can't wait to hold another public game tour.

So happy I can now see that players are visiting my houses. It makes me feel good about them.

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